Professional Tips for Job Seekers & Undergraduates...Must READ

Dear undergraduate and job seeker,
I see many job seekers ranting in online groups about how HR managers are wicked and companies are refusing to offer them job.
Some are even defending the fact that
companies ought to train them with necessary skills and hire them
Companies exist to make profit. They aren't charity organizations. Except for those who have CSR and even at that, there is limit to how many people they can hire.
The world of work has changed and keeps evolving.
To be relevant, you need to develop competence, capacity and character to be able to get ahead.
There are millions of graduates out there, among them are those who studied same course you studied from different institutions. Apart from those who are returning from foreign universities to compete with you here in Nigeria.
The competition is high and increasing on daily basis.
Yes, not every graduate would be cut out to start a business, however, everyone need the attitude of an entrepreneur to succeed.
The same way, graduates who are entrepeeneurs think, plan and strategize to start their own business despite the tough economy, you also need to plan your career path and start massive execution.
You can't continue to approach job search the same way others do.
You need to do things differently to get a better result.
Here are some tips that can help you get a faster result.
Be clear about what you want from your career.
Identify your skill sets and the ones you don't currently have that you need.
Identify organizations that align with your career goal and research about their needs.
Instead of approaching them begging for job, approach them by offering solution.
If you can help any organization increase their income or reduce their cost, you are guaranteed to get a job.
Instead of submitting CVs randomly, why not reach out to decision makers with what you can offer through online platform and strategic events?
How about offering your skill set directly to small businesses?
Last week, I interacted with two guys. One is an undergraduate who is at home due to the ASUU strike. The other one is a graduate of mathematics who has been looking for job to no avail.
However, the undergraduate decided to enroll for website development so he can have a skill he can use to add value to businesses while in school and increase his chances after graduation.
The second who is a graduate is currently undergoing mobile app development training at Tech24 at Ikeja.
After which he would be linked with tech companies for job and online platforms he can bid for foreign jobs.
Testimony abound as regard those who i have worked with that have moved from job seeker to getting job and those who have become employer of labour.
No one owes you a job. It is your responsibility to increase your value to help organizations and businesses.
Life does not respond to self pity!
Invest in yourself.
Get a career coach
Acquire skills in ICT, selling, solving complex problem and so on.
Invest in yourself the same ways entrepreneurs raise money to invest in their business.
By Wale Olajumoke
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