Top 5 Organizational Skills You need in 2019

[Picture - @ Moi University - #TeamMaestros Chapter, Kenya]
How does one manage a great number of projects and international teams of diverse groups? TODAY lets discuss organization levels on your device. Being organized can
make a big difference in your levels of performance and the quality of delivery.
01 Create your own PRIORITY Algorithm
Not all activities are urgent and important, some delays will cost more than others. some projects need more research, others need to be delegated.
02 Create a CLOUD server account for your investments/ projects. Learn to work with your team online. For instance, I use DROPBOX, which helps me and my team to access and edit our files on any device, anywhere in the world.
03 Designing a Master Calendar:
Most people underutilize calendars, if used right, they can do more than indicate a date. I now use my digital calendars as goal timers and reminders, scheduled meetings and events. GOOGLE calendar can help you set annual goals and even build routines and new habits.
04 Categorize all activities.
Your life is beyond school/ work/ church, there are so many parts of you that make you, don't assume you know yourself too well, align each item in its appropriate category. This will help you to observe which areas you are slacking and how they are all affecting one another.
05. Automation tools - If you can schedule emails/ social media posts then you can increase productivity and create time for other activities. Given the right tools, automating computer operations can be surprisingly easy and can reap major benefits.
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By Charles Lipenga