Don’t wait for tomorrow, Start Right Now...Inspiring nuggets from Kimanzi Constable

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”Tomorrow I’ll start eating clean. Tomorrow I’ll start exercising regularly. Tomorrow I’ll start being more authentic and start challenging myself to become the best version of me.”
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow... and tomorrow never came.
There was always an excuse to
put off the things I knew I needed to work on in my life. Convincing myself I would start tomorrow helped justify (in my mind) my poor decisions and habits.
When I stopped allowing the “tomorrow” mindset in my life, I started to do the work. That work has led to a life I absolutely love.
Not just because of the fun wins and experiences, but because I wake up each day excited to challenge myself. I’m in love with myself and the opportunity to learn and grow.
My actions, decisions, and habits come from a place of self-love. It’s made all the difference in my mindset.
I can’t wait for tomorrow anymore. Today and every day, I’m living my best and most authentic version of me.
Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t use tomorrow as an excuse or a justification. If you’re serious about change, start right now. You don’t need all the stars to align or permission.
You deserve better. You can and should make better your reality. Start right now. Start putting the pieces in place to make this the year you accomplish what most people consider “impossible.”
By Kimanzi Constable

Kimazi is Author of four books. Writer for large publications. World-traveling consultant. 
  • Contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine (online/print), Success Magazine, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, AskMen, Fox/CBS/NBC News, MindBodyGreen, The Good Men Project, Addicted2Success, Time Magazine. CEO and Founder at Kimanzi Constable