Why the Rich Get Richer...inspiring nuggets from Kachi Ogbonna

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Earlier today, I spoke at the Young Enterprising Leaders Summit in Calabar. In my presentation I made reference to my book HOW THEY STARTED, I didn't say the book was for sell, in fact I only travelled with my personal copy and two extra copies. After my presentation, the next speaker came on stage and among his first lines was "I love reading, because
I believe in the power that comes from reading, so Kachi please I will like to have a copy of the book if you have any for sell". Once he noticed that the other speaker was showing interest in the book he quickly added that he told me first and that even if it is just one copy I have that he will be the one to buy it. I obliged and gave him a copy and he handed 2,500 naira to me,the next speaker quickly asked for one also and I gave him and collected the money too, the third speaker asked for a copy too, I was reluctant, because that was my personal copy, I hesitated for a while and gave him the book without collecting money.
When the SA to the governor wanted to speak he made a subtle observation which myself didn't immediately notice. He said " why is it that it is only the speakers who already have established businesses that are showing interest and purchasing the book by Kachi, whereas young and aspiring entrepreneurs that should need it more are just looking " - that statement caught me but then I quickly said to myself "that is one of the reasons the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer".
The rich are always in the continuous pursuit of knowledge, the rich invest in personal development, the rich don't seek instant gratification, the rich know how to align their priorities, the rich keep it simple. The poor think about how much richer Kachi will get if they buy the book, they think of how to dress to look rich, they think of the next free seminar to attend if they have chance, they think of how to celebrate their birthdays so that people won't think (or know the truth) that they are poor. Of course as I was leaving the hall, a few persons came for the book, maybe planning to ask me why the book is not 500 naira, but it was late, I already ran out of copies.
What did you notice?
Some persons noticed that Otedola was
Others noticed the caliber of men sitting around it, of course that included Bill Gates
There were still those that noticed the beautiful decoration
And there was still time for some people to notice the lightening above their heads.
But one lateral thinker (among those that bought my book) observed that on that table were only waters. There were no champagnes, no red wines, no juices, no excesses, but just waters. Contrast that with your last birthday celebration or your wedding or the last wedding you attended where some guys were screaming "why is it that this table is empty, get us whisky, get us red wine, get us some champagne, get us this and get us that, or is Emeka not aware that we are here?" The rich keep it simple so that they can think clearly.
Dear friend, it is time to feed your mind, time to invest in your personal development, time to do away with instant gratification, time to engage in critical thinking and time to keep it simple.

By Kachi Ogbonna