3 Things I wish Schools can Teach more to the Next Generation

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I was trained as a professional in a technical industry but I realized a bit late how significant it is to learn:
1. CLIENT MANAGEMENT - How to approach old and new clients. How to Negotiate. How to raise my value and that of my company so that
I have leverage. How my attitude and integrity will matter to most than my technical competence.
2. PROJECT MANAGEMENT - How rising above the ranks has more to do with managing people & projects than just managing my own time/ workload. How to recruit people. How to successfully work in and with a team. How to create realistic schedules and project timelines. How to prepare project proposals and bid for more projects.
3. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - How to break the circle of working for money to have money work for me. The trap of going to work just to realise you are getting paid just to survive so that you can get to work the following day. How life is more about managing, redistributing and multiplying money than just finding ways to make more money.
Life after graduation is beyond studying/ having good grades it requires you to learn to manage these skills.
WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? What are some of the things you wish the classes after you could benefit from? Perhaps we should help others with these management skills.
By Charles Lipenga