2019 Imo Guber Race: Why Aloysius Osuji is the Solution

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The history of the world revolves around the respected figures of great men whose life ambition is to better the lives of others through rendering selfless services in the minds and
hearts of human historicity.
With a gladdened heart, we can confidently say that Imolites will smile at last. Here comes a man that honestly and truly wants to reform Imo to a land filled with endless possibilities. A man whose primary mission is to lead Imo into an ideal state where people will feel free to actualize their dreams; economically, politically, socially, educationally and otherwise.
Chief Barrister Aloysius Osuji and his amazing team have come up with people-oriented policies that will take Imo State to the next level of excellence.  We have carried our background studies on him, and we can attest that under his watch, there will be massive infrastructural development and educational/ social empowerment in Imo State.
Imo State, the Eastern heartland at this unique time requires a leader with a vision, a leader with repute, friendly and fair, an incorruptible campaigner of due diligence and excellence. A leader who is poised to launch Imo into a new era of endless possibilities. Under him, true governance and democratic relationship will be given its primordial pride of place.  It will no longer be business as usual.
 Without mincing words, Aloysius Osuji, the gubernatorial candidate of The MASS ACTION JOINT ALLIANCE, MAJA Party is the perfect solution. His solemn mission is to liberate Imo State from the shackles, ambience and caprices of hunger and deprivation.
He is a trained lawyer, jolly good fellow, a consummate philanthropist and a captain of industries. He has held and still holding many leadership positions with exceptional results. He is simply an excellent man.
‘Excellence’ says Aristotle, an ancient philosopher is not an act, but a habit, which must be cultivated and nurtured so that it can grow and shine like a million stars, and it takes excellence to recognize the excellence in others. That speaks volumes of Aloysius Osuji.
He is a man who believes in the integral development of others. He has invested hugely into people’s vision, and we have no doubt that he will bring his wealth of experience and talents in taking Imo to the next level of excellence.
Imolites, let’s join hands to welcome an apostle of:
·         Wealth Creation
·         Agricultural revolution
·         Industrialization and Economic Advancement
·         Youth Empowerment and Massive social development
·         Poverty Reduction
·         Gender Equality
·         Value Re-orientation
·         Transparency
·         Rule of Law
·         Accountability, and
·         Honesty
The era of impunity have gone. A new era of quality leadership is now here. Let’s usher in ALOYSIUS OSUJI into Douglas House with our Permanent voter’s card (PVC) come 2019.