Top 10 Types of Investments in 2018- Inspiring messages from Charles Lipenga

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We all have dreams, responsibilities and a lifestyle we would like to manage, sadly many depend on a salary to feed all 3. By now many are realizing that entrepreneurship is not for everyone but investments should be. Here are my Top 10 investments I have made in 2018. Take time to learn each and even more to make an informed decision. #LetsDOthis

#10. BANK ACCOUNTS - as much as I usually don't encourage people to depend on their bank accounts as investments, your savings account is still a basic way of investing. You deposit a certain amount, and the bank pays you interest on that amount. The interest rates paid out on savings accounts are pretty low, but with most savings accounts you can access your funds at any time. Other than that, constantly having a good amount in your current account may give you leverage where need be.
#09. COMMODITIES - If you have grain, precious metals, cotton, soybeans, oil, oranges or beef that you can trade then you have an investment. Commodities are objects that come naturally from mother-earth. Soft commodities are renewable items; agricultural products such as maize, coffee, cocoa, fruits and sugar, while hard commodities are the mined products such as natural gas, gold, uranium, copper, aluminum, coal.
#08. INSURANCE - Sadly most people are only exposed to health insurance, but do pay a visit to financial management institutions or insurance companies and make an inquiry for the wide range of investment linked insurance policies. Usually, the investments are classified in two categories and single (you pay a once off amount) and a regular policy where you do it periodically and they increase in value with time and have different levels of risks too.
#07. CONTRACTS - I am sure you have heard of brand ambassadors, actors or basketball/ football players being signed for a 1+ year contract. Some of them are even worth tens of millions of US dollars. If you develop your value or your company's, you might get great deal of contracts lets say in construction or consultation etc that may just keep you afloat for a long period of times as long as abide by the terms and conditions.
First of all, crypto currency is not equal to Bitcoin abeg. Bitcoin is just the most recognizable digital currency to date, otherwise, crypto currency (concealed/ encrypted/ secured currency) is generally a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange and uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions. The investment works based on the hope that in time the currency will increase in value
#05. FOREX - No matter the country you are from, I am sure you can appreciate the effects of currency depreciation or appreciation. Forex (Foreign Exchange) investment is all about taking advantage of the exchange rate between 2 currencies. Nowadays this can be easily done online through trading platforms and because currencies are traded in pairs, investors and traders are essentially betting that one currency will go up and the other will go down.
#04. STOCKS - Nowadays there are so many brokers and stock exchange institutions that can help you be a part owner of a company you did not help build. This investment works well when your choice of company is increasing in its value. For instance companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook were established within the past 2 decades, and have increased in their Net worth making the early investors pretty rich.
#03. REAL ESTATE - Owning property or a portion of it with the hope that over time it will appreciate in value, and it usually does. I am in the construction industry and the risks are high but it pays off if you have locked down your market and cater for it by considering the income generating levels, time, location, access roads, security, comfort, quality of building materials, functionalities, amenities, and customers’ preferences.
#02. PEOPLE & NETWORKS – As the expression goes, “your net-work is your net-worth,” that is if you know how to take advantage of it. Some people make big-time money through network marketing, and others in affiliate marketing; commissions and referrals. Nowadays there are so many websites being developed for “Affiliate marketing”, which is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. Don’t be afraid of investing in people, they may just build your businesses.
I plead with you, take time to invest in yourself, otherwise, you will not know how to make use of what you have and even great opportunities may come your way but you will not be prepared. Invest in knowledge, learn how these things work before you misjudge. Pay for lessons/ courses if you have to, it is better to sacrifice today and enjoy the rest of your life.
God bless you & ALL THE BEST. #LetsDothis #TeamMaestros
By Charles Lipenga