My Acceptance Speech as President Rotary Club of Owerri Metropolitan

Yesterday July 4th, 2018 i assumed office as the President, Rotary club of Owerri Metropolitan, district 9142 Nigeria. It is another call for selfless service to the communities we serve. I pledge to continue to selflessly serve God and humanity with my time, talents and treasures. During this new leadership, i pledge to carry out quality projects on Rotary’s six areas of focus namely Maternal and child health, water and sanitation, peace and conflict prevention/ resolution, disease prevention and treatment, Economic and Community development, and Basic Education and literacy. Below is the acceptance speech i delivered at the event
at Mavis Suites Owerri by 6:30 pm.

'My dear Rotarians and friends,
 My challenge has just begun. With grateful heart and high sense of responsibility, I stand before you to accept to serve as 2018-19 President of this great club. May I also thank and congratulate the new leadership team that has accepted to serve alongside with me as Board members. I celebrate you all. May we all be reminded that to whom much is given, much is also expected.

I am very much aware that the demands of this office among other things requires that we serve with truth and honour spiced with making huge sacrifices. This new leadership will exemplify service above self. I will donate my time, talent and treasures in serving this club and our community. We will carry out quality projects on Rotary’s six areas of focus namely Maternal and child health, water and sanitation, peace and conflict prevention/ resolution, disease prevention and treatment, Economic and Community development, and Basic Education and literacy.

This brand new Rotary year will be very unique; we will have many interesting times, inspirational weekly fellowships, improving the quality of lives in our community, building bridges of friendship across borders such as networking opportunities with other Rotarians both in our zone and in our district, joint service projects and joint fellowships with Rotarians in Imo State (zones 21 and 22) of our district 9142, bi-monthly leadership training in our club to mention but a few.

I am hopeful that all these will bring sustainable global impact both in our lives and communities. In our weekly fellowships, I will inform you when and how we will get all these done. This new leadership will respect and honour everyone with unreserved love, and uphold the dignity of our personalities. I will operate an open door, transparent policy. Transparency, accountability, exemplary service, dedication to duty would be my watchwords. I will do all these to the best of my ability.

Our newly adopted bye-law and Rotary’s manual of procedures, together with the resources I came back with from the Presidents Elect Training seminar would be my daily literature. I will not only study, continuously re-study, but will digest them and implement them judiciously during this service year.
To My Vice President, Chukwuma Anyaoha please always be available to assist anytime my classification as leadership coach, blogger, Speech writer and speaker takes me away from the demands of this office, as I promise to quickly return and embrace this call to service as fast as I can with great zeal, motivation, inspiration and determination.

My dear Rotarians, keep in mind that in as much as I have been actively involved in a wide range of leadership positions, mentorship, experience and training both locally and internationally, I am not an island neither do I have the monopoly of wisdom. I am still in the leadership learning process. I am a student of life. I am human, so everything human is not strange to me. I need your constructive criticisms, inspiration, and motivation when and where necessary. These will keep me on the right track.
I see myself as a heart-centred leader deeply calling for your unreserved support as I promise same.  Together we will continue to build an effective club that will leave lasting footprints in the minds and hearts of human historicity.

I thank the immediate Past President, Chukwuma Anyaoha and our hardworking, erudite and service friendly Jude Ujah together with other past Presidents of this club for setting the pace of excellence on which this new leadership will build their legacy. During the last Rotary year, our club won Rotary International Presidential citation for the first time in our 10 years of existence, thanks to our quality service projects in the community. Kudos to all our members for making this possible. I celebrate you all. Let us do it again!

On behalf of my super, service –oriented and highly supportive wife, be assured of my prayers and best wishes'
Yours in Rotary selfless service,
Ethelbert Obinna Umeh,
President, Rotary Club of Owerri Metropolitan 2018-19
Dated July 4, 2018


I would be grateful if you continue with the quality of what we are doing now with your blog and also you can read more on news blog I really enjoyed it