Rotary First District Governor 9142, Emma Ude Akpeh's message for June 2018

Image may contain: Emman Ude Akpeh, smiling, standing
My Dear Colleagues and People of Action,
As we gradually wind up activities for the 2017/ 2018 service year, I wish to remind us
of the very important role which Rotary ascribes to fellowship we share in our various clubs. It is a live wire of each club and through it we join hands to develop ourselves and communities we live in.
Little wonder then that June has been specially designated as 'Rotary Fellowship Month' in the Rotary calendar. Paul Percy Harris quickly reminds us that "Fellowship is wonderful; it illuminates life's pathway , spreads good cheer and it's worth good price".
My Dear Colleagues in Service, during my official visit to over 66 clubs that span across the seven states that make up our district, I can attest to the fact that each and every one of us have got all it takes to build our district to that enviable height we all aspire to.
I therefore ask us to rekindle the flame of friendship we share as Rotarians and make stewardship our watchword. Let us eschew selfishness, greed, avarice, back-biting in our dealings with one another but embrace genuine friendship rooted in selfless love.
We are also enjoined during this month to re-commit ourselves to the ideals of Rotary service-To strive to bring in more quality members to join Rotary as this is the key towards the sustenance of Rotary in our world. We are encouraged to support The Rotary Foundation which is "Our Foundation" no matter how small. We must endeavour to give , give and give , to Our Foundation as this is the only way to keep alive and well, Rotary's business of doing good in the world!
Of utmost importance also is our expected role in enhancing and strengthening Rotary's Public Image. As Rotarians , we are the real "advert copy" of Rotary. This is because increasing our membership status and support to Our Foundation are both achievable once we tell very compelling stories of what Rotary does in our world. Simply put, our brand and our voice weave incredible stories of who we are and what Rotary does!
At this juncture, I wish words can fully capture the overflowing appreciation from my heart for the support I and my team have enjoyed from you all in the past days, weeks and months of this Rotary year. I pray that God rewards all your sacrifices and plead that you bear with us in the various ways we may have failed as mortals.
I urge you to extend same and even more love and support to DGE Dan, DGN Sam and DGND Ndukwe-these are the great and inspiring TROIKA of our dear District. One thing we must always bear in mind is this -"IT IS OUR DISTRICT AND WE MUST JOIN HANDS TO SUPPORT ITS GROWTH".
Like I have always noted in my speeches ,I am available to assist and serve to the extent my "new bosses " want of me towards giving my all to build the District of our dream.
My Dear People of Action, exactly one year ago(precisely June 2017), Rotary International Board of Directors , voted to adopt a new vision statement which reflects our identity and that single purpose that unites the diversity of our work- It reads thus-"Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change-across the globe, in our communities , and in ourselves". This is a milestone in our history as People of Action!
Once again , I thank all Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, Governement and Non-Governmental Agencies , indeed all men and women of goodwill who have accompanied me and my team in this long walk of making a difference while I served as the Pioneer Governor of our young but vibrant District.
Finally, as we draw the curtains in this 2017/ 2018' Rotary: Making a Difference' year of service and most importantly , the pioneer year of Rotary International District 9142, Nigeria, I leave you with these memorable thoughts from our founder-Paul Percy Harris "Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves".
Thank you for indeed making a difference while we served!
Dr. Emman Ude Akpeh
Pioneer Governor
RI District 9142, Nigeria.