Blueprint Consulting organizes 2 days world class Goal Mapping Boot camp for Children

Goal mapping is a gateway to making your dreams a reality. Our team has a certified Goal mapping facilitator who is an expert in conducting this goal mapping training. Through this training, we equip children with relevant tools that will inspire them to truly consider what their hopes and dreams actually are. 

Through this world class training, children will gain a skill that is entirely
different from what they learn in school, but which will compliment and support their academic endeavours and career development. Goal mapping helps individuals to explore their special gifts and talents, while learning how to set and achieve goals for lasting happiness and success. This program is suitable for children from 12 ages and above.

This program is highly interactive, pragmatic, inspiring, and students finds it fun. It makes children’s brain millisecond timing to be much more efficient, effective, and helps them pay attention, think accurately, proactively, innovatively and make decisions faster. 

Goal mapping training help school children to create a goal map of what they are going to achieve, understand ‘why’ they want it, ‘how’ they are going to achieve it, and ‘who’ they will require help from. We have been able to do this training in many schools with amazing results.

Register your child to this world class, efficient and highly memorable goal mapping masterclass. It is going to be an experience they will never forget as long as memory lasts.
This is a training that will equip your child with Goal mapping skills- thereby enabling them to develop a clear vision of their lives and also actualize their possibilities faster than they can ever imagine. It comes with principles of dealing with 21st century complexities. Enroll your child today!