Happy Belated Birthday Chinedu Malachy Onyike

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Yesterday was his birthday. He is a classmate, friend, brother and great supporter of my dream. He was my best man during my wedding in 2014. I still recall the activities of that great event with great feeling.  Knowing you and what
you stand for God and humanity has been highly inspirational. 

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An inestimable good nature is the most precious gift of heaven, and that you have in abundance,  robbing on so many, one of which I am a privileged beneficiary. You are truly an inspiration to us that know you... I am glad praying for you today.

Just like the cry of a suckling lad attracts the attention of a caring mother, May everything that concerns you attract the attention and immediate response of divine majesty,  and just like the Biblical David prayed, may God remember not the sins of your youth Amen.

I join your darling wife, friends, parents, siblings, co-workers, my darling wife, admirers, and mentees to wish you awesome years filled with fond memories. Remain Blessed now and always, Amen.

Join me to celebrate this fellow!