Happy 30th Birthday to the man we gladly call ‘Prof’

The history of the world revolves around the respected figures of great men. No wonder some erudite philosophers ably represented by Hegel say that it is the synthesis of thesis and antithesis.
Today is the 30th birthday of a great fellow, friend, young African leader, speaker, consummate Christian, professor without a university because he is a schoolman himself, personal assistant to Theophilus Okere, on whose Copernican
revolution in African Philosophy my philosophical cum hermeneutical enquiry finds the right footing, (details of this are fully explained in my Bachelors degree thesis on Philosophy in 2009). Prof is one of the finest minds of the 21st century civilization. On your 30th birthday, I pray may 30 new amazing things happen to your life.

Prof was born in the year of the Lord 30 years ago into the family of Elder & Mrs B. N Agubosim exactly 3 decades ago. Chinedu Cletus Agubosim joined the academic race with his peers, and has remained in this hallowed sojourn. He committed himself whole and entire without reservation to it.

Prof has been described by many with awesome appellations. He has been many things to many people. He is a light to his compatriots. He is a diplomat with consciousness of history, a vibrant philosopher, a teacher of repute, a motivational speaker, a public relations guru, unarguably professional secretarial expert, a mentor of mentors, a coach to coaches, a leader with 21st century mindset, a leader of repute, a leader who knows how to lead, a leader who understands that leadership is far from being a clown show,  a re-invented mind, a novelist, a social critic, news analyst, an African thinker, a man who is ahead of his age, a man whose vision drives him,  to name but a few.
30 gbozas for him.

Join me to celebrate this man of the moment!