Be like Felix: Happy Birthday Felix Iziomoh

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Today is the Birthday of Felix Iziomoh, a great leader, a leader of repute, a man of integrity, a social worker of superlative echelon, a convinced apostle of due diligence, humility, innovation, a man who understands leadership as a service above self, a global brand, a global citizen, a mentor to
numerous African youths and beacon of light to his fellow compatriots.

Today is the birthday of Board President of International Institute for Global Leadership, IIGL USA.. He is the first graduate of our institution- IIGL, and under him our alumni community has grown to 26 and still counting...

He is a Kanthari fellow, India, founder/ Executive Director, International Centre for Leadership Development, Nigeria. He has successfully conducted over 200 presentations, hosted several conferences, seminars and workshops of global repute, mentored thousands of students, and authored 2 leadership books.

He is an ardent believer of Human capital development and social entrepreneurship. We admire his unprecedented academic brilliance and brilliant leadership galaxy.

He is a paragon of excellence. Excellence says Aristotle is not an act, but a habit, which must be cultivated and nurtured so that it can grow and shine like a million stars. It takes excellence to recognize the fruits of excellence in others; this speaks volumes of this Felix, hero of our time.

God is proud of him, humanity is proud of Felix, IIGL is proud of Felix, ICLD is proud of Felix, Kanthari is proud of Felix and above all Blueprint Consulting is 100% proud of Felix.

Today is the Birthday of an innovative and one of the efficient advisors of Blueprint Consulting. He will be the keynote Speaker at ‘Blueprint leadership Conference’ (BLC 2018) coming up in April 28th, 2018.

Happy Birthday Sir.

We celebrate you.

Just like the cry of a suckling lad attracts the attention of the mother,
May everything that concerns you attract the attention of supreme majesty, ancient of days,  lily of the valley,  and the creator that was not created, Amen.

Best Regards,

Blueprint Consulting Team