The Man Called Dr Strive Masiyiwa: the culture of a great personage

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MY STUDY ON DR. STRIVE MASIYIWA I don't have a car/ girl/ football team as my wallpaper, Dr. Strive, Obama and Deaconess Tsitsi are the ones on my wallpaper.

I always like to study successful people; Strive
Masiyiwa Dr. Of Econet is one of them. Here is my conclusion on what I have researched so far. I don't think he was the smartest student in his class. I don't think he is the most wisest person to come from Zimbabwe. I don't think he is the most prayerful Christian in Africa. I don't think he was the most helped person by friends. I don't think he had much resources/ money to work with. I PERSONALLY BELIEVE HIS STRONGEST ATTRIBUTE TOWARDS BUILDING ECONET AND HIS LIFE AS WE ALL KNOW IT WAS AND IS HIS ATTITUDE TOWARDS HIS VISION.

The attitude that he has towards his vision has made him so focused and disciplined that even when troubles came fighting a legal war against the government his faith did not stagger.

That same attitude made him to refuse different offers (distractions) like from Sir Richard Branson (of Virgin Active) to buy up his company when it was still in its early stages...

I am inspired by this man. #Respect #iSalute Now his wife feeds more than 42 000 children, yes as Fourty two THOUSAND people... and sends hundreds of of young Africans to study in USA every year. Aaaah, what a man to learn from.

Follow him on Yookos/ Facebook, your life will never be the same again. #Team_Maestros Lets change Africa

by Charles Lipenga