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Sometime in 2013, a friend, fellow, partner in service, mentor and dependable leader, Celestine Chidozie visited me in Owerri. He is one of the finest brains Africa has produced, and i say this with all humility and sincerity. At that time, he was already a Masters student at the prestigious University of Ibadan, where i had earlier graduated in 2009. At this time, Celestine's profile has been ranking high in Imo State University Owerri, where he was the best graduate in Philosophy in 2011 with First Class Honours.
In the course of our usual intellectual leadership summit and rejuvenation on sundry issues in Africa and importance of community development, Public Speaking, and leadership development. He mentioned to me about The International institute for Global Leadership, IIGL, USA and described it as an institution that train leaders across the world, which
he intends to join someday.
Before this time, i have never heard about this institution from anyone. He was particularly concerned that i will gain a lot from here if i get enroll.
He told me how marveled he is to learn from one of his friend Seye Joseph, who had earned a certificate from this institute. I became immediately interested, and was poised to grow my leadership capacity through this institution.
I later searched about it, read about amazing student testimonials especially Felix IziomohZiyad R. AbduleNoeline ZawadiKathleen Oweegon, and Iziomoh B. Emmanuel and was really impressed to be part of this wonderful global family. I keyed into the opportunity.
The journey was very interesting, i feared procrastination, deactivation, and remained focused through the help of Deborah Rosen. That was how i graduated in 2016, becoming the fastest graduate in the history of the institution ( i say this with all grateful humility), nominated a board member by Felix Iziomoh and currently serving with my talents and time.
My organization Blueprint Consulting is a 100% possibility because of my encounter with this institution. They provided me through mentorship, quality training that enabled it to stand. My story is incomplete without dedicating a huge chapter talking about this institution- what it stands for, what i have gained from it, how it has helped me fulfill my dreams, what others have benefited indirectly through me, how i have gladly shared and still sharing my knowledge with the world, all because i was able to listen to Celestine that day.
It has been a journey classified with amazing experiences; i have also met many interesting people whose thoughts and actions have enhanced my leadership capacity. It is an experience i would wish anyone reading this to have.
For those looking for opportunities to hone their leadership acumen, International Institute for Global Leadership is a reliable place to be. I have never ceased any opportunity to introduce this leadership platform to my friends, mentes, and well-wishers.
Grab the opportunity, and you will surely be happy you did. It is a fully-equipped online studies that is really helpful in leadership development, self-actualization and sufficiency.
Above all 100% tuition-free.
100% self-paced
23 graduates and over 140 students from 6 continents of the world.
Join and be inspired beyond your wildest imagination, and

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Yours sincerely.
Ethelbert Obinna Umeh.