Top 3 Key Tips When meeting a Public Figure/ High-Level Personnel

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Introduce yourself briefly and be clear with your reasons to engage them by explicitly pointing out what drove your attention to them. 
THIS MEANS you first must do an extensive research on what they do and
most importantly why they do it.

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2. DONT BEG, DONT ASK FOR A JOB, CHANGE THE NARRATIVE - Usually, people are tempted to ask for help, have the decency to keep your dignity. First of all, it is probably not the right platform to ask for a job/ funding/ Grant etc. CHANGE the narrative by offering to help them, show them how your goals are integrated and how key your work is in pushing their agenda forward.
THIS MEANS you first must have something significant to offer.

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3. HOW TO KEEP IN TOUCH - Don't rush to ask them for their contacts or give them your business cards, there is a high probability they won't use them.
I would recommend you ask for the protocol, "who may I contact in your office/institution/ company to take this forward."
THIS MEANS they should be in charge of choosing the method of contact; whether you should contact them directly or they have the perfect personnel in a specific department they can refer you to.

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ALL THE BEST. #TeamMaestros
By Charles Miracle Lipenga

Sir charles is one of the leading and most influential young people in Malawi today.
He is an architect by profession,commonwealth youth ambassador and CEO to the winning team Maestros Leadership,which is in 23 countries so far and has running projects in the areas of education,environment and help to end child marriage.with all this success story it is only right to say He is taking the globe by storm as all these lined up work being implemented are there to help achieve global goals.
Adding on to his global schedules,Sir Charles has shared platforms with so many leaders and has attended so many international high level meetings which some of them involved brushing shoulders with the former president of united states Mr Barack Obama.