Today's Tip When Contacting anyone for the First time

When calling/ texting/ emailing someone especially for the first time or someone who might not have your contact details please formally introduce yourself, it doesn't hurt. And don't just say
"Hi" or "Hello" and wait for them to respond. ITS ANNOYING.
"Good morning sir/ma'am, this is _______ (name), the _____ (title/ postion) of ______ (organization/ institution) from __________ (location/ country).
On ______ (date/ day) we ______ (activity both of you engaged in) at ______ (location/ event). I write you to _______ (Introduce the purpose of your writing).
If you have not engaged with them before, just let them know how you came about to get their contact details!!!

In this way, ANYONE will respect you and will probably reciprocate that respect, let them make it into an informal conversation if they want to, but don't be first to assume they are ok with it. 


By Charles Miracle Lipenga