Plan to attend Multi-Million Naira training on shoes & Slippers making in Benin

If you will be in Benin or its environs, please plan to attend this high-powered ‘Shoes & Slippers making Training’ from a seasoned shoemaking guru, Michelle Ekure. Acquire skills that will give you a competitive edge, set you apart from others and provide a lucrative income for you.
You be equipped with amazing skills in the following areas:
·         Fundamentals of shoes & slippers making
·         How to create patterns for shoes and
·         How to sell and market your shoes and slippers
·         Practical process of shoes & slipper making
·         How and where to source the shoemaking & slippers making materials
·         Opportunities in shoes & slippers making business
·         How to make your first millions in shoes & slippers making

Date: December 4th – 15th, 2017
Venue: Senior Staff Quarters, B5 UniBen
Price: N35, 000
Fees include tools (materials), training and certificate

For more enquiries: Call or send Whatsapp message to  +2348023417857

Shoes & slipper making business pays.

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