One Nation, One People, One Kenya...Reflections on Kenyan Flag by Elizabeth Mang'eni

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I so love the Kenyan flag.Wanna know why?It’s not because I’m from Kenya(Okay,just maybe) but because of the meaning of it’s four colours.So let me talk about those colours;
1. Green🌳-It symbolizes our natural wealth which should be taken care of.Then why in the world would we go cutting down trees/branches,throwing stones,use tear gas or better yet burn tyres and pollute the environment during demonstrations??Let's have peaceful demonstrations people and
leave out the innocent trees and stones.

2.Red 🍅-This symbolises blood that was shed when fighting for independence.It doesn’t symbolize killing our very own brothers and sisters because of tribalism.I’m so sure Dedan Kimathi,Jomo Kenyatta,Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and all other freedom fighters are turning inside their graves when they see what’s happening right now.Was their blood worth shedding for us??
3. Black 🎩-This represents our color as Kenyans.Look at social media!!People talking with so much hatred towards one another forgetting we are one family.Let’s not take our politicians very very seriously cause they never take us serious but instead let’s take each other seriously cause there’s nothing for us without us.
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4. White 🍚 -This is my favorite colour because it symbolizes peace(Thus the peace sign in most of my images).So you may ask what’s PEACE??Peace begins with a smile and it’s always beautiful.We can only attain this “beautiful peace” through understanding not violence.We should carry peace within us because it’s the most beautifying thing we could ever have or do.Peace makes our heart beautiful and it makes us look beautiful.My fellow Kenyans let’s all give it a try.Give peace a chance and let the Almighty God do his part because he is the only judge during judgement day.

Remember ”An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind”(Okay!! these are not my wise words but Mahtma Gadhi’s and please I’m not talking about my eye.That was between me and some farm bee)

Elizabeth is a Proud and gorgeous Kenyan,Social entrepreneur, and Mandela Washington Fellow.