Must Read: Michael Jackson is dead, yet with High earning potentials than most people alive.

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The dead earning BETTER than the living
 Read this entertaining news and also be inspired or you will expired without a credit to your name.
The king of pop Michael Jackson, is not dead... "Not what you are
thinking ooo far from that"
Read to the end!!!
A friend of mine made a post about Michael Jackson yesterday, he made me to Google about the legendary.
In my researched the pop star died in 2009 with a net worth of $4billion after pretax.
In 2016 (last year), the King of Pop clocked $825 million the highest annual total for any entertainer DEAD or ALIVE mostly from the sale of his half of the Sony/ATV catalogue.
This year again between October 2016 to October 2017, the POP star Michael Jackson had earned $70,000.
$70,000 to Naira at the rate of N358 per $1 is N24,955,000.00, that's huge for a death person. Because the living can't earn N1m in 365 days for hard labour.
What's the secrete behind this passive income?
When Jackson was alive, he knew investment was the way out. The music might desiccate one day, he made some investment behind the scene. Jackson had a every large Estate.
Don't be too comfortable with N300,000 per week/month. Invest to earn in future, your job will only pay while alive.
Do you love your children? Do you love your family members?. Do you wish the generation to-come well?
Invest now, invest in physical assets. Invest in Real Estate. Invest your salary into a business that pay NOW and in TIME and earn passively without stress.
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Tsekohol Denison