How to Build a Strong Presence on Twitter

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So, you have conquered Facebook, and you realize the need to conquer other territories, this is for you. If you also currently run a business on Facebook, you need to realize that your business needs branches in other territories of Social Media. If you are going to build a formidable brand online, you
can't rely on your Facebook presence alone. Hence, the reason we are considering what life on Twitter might look like. Please brace up, this will be quite long. Thank you.
I won't bore you with statistics, but you need to know that Twitter records over 328 million active users monthly. You can imagine how many Nigerians are in that number. Also considering that twitter is one of the social media with the highest activity, brand and media attention. Being there is only good for your business.
But how do I go to Twitter, open shop and hope to make sales?
The truth is this, Twitter can be likened to a noisy room, full of people. Some are deep in conversation, some are busy reading and some are just confused. You don't need to grab everyone's attention at once. Even Trump didn't get everyone's attention at once. Your immediate goal is to present yourself successfully; find the right people, grab the right attention, meet/interact with potential partners and customers, and do the right business.
So, where do I start from?
Oshe padi! Opening a Twitter doesn't require any form of rent from you, except your monthly data expenses, and a judicious use of your time to do the following.
1. Set up your profile to suit the taste of your business.
It starts from the name of your handle. The kind of pictures you use as your DP and Cover Photo. Your bio, which must be professionally written to speak to your brand statement. Your contact details, and a strategic pinned tweet at the top of your profile.
A lot has been said about having large number of followers and the impression they create. That's true, but that doesn't have to be immediate if you can't afford it. Get your friends and colleagues to follow first. If you can manage 50-100 for a start, it's a good way to start. Consequently, you can announce your presence and ask people to follow you to get something in return (a bait you can afford please). Alternatively, you can get creative and send out valuable tips, tagging relevant influencers in your field. You'd get new followers by that action.
3. Interact.
Find relevant influencers and experts in your field, and interact with them on a regular basis by retweeting and liking their tweets. Don't fret if they don't follow you back. Seeing their tweets is enough to help you create attention for you among their faithful followers. They'd likely follow you too if your contributions are making good sense.
4. Tweet regularly and ask for action.
Regular tweeting is something that says a lot about your profile being healthy. By regular, I am not talking about one tweet per week, or one per month. Based on time available to you, you can start by tweeting every other day, until you are comfortable enough to tweet daily. When you tweet, endeavour to use pictures and videos when you can. Tweets with images and media travel farther than the ones without it. You should also ask friends and follow to help retweet for your content to travel.
5. Track your mentions and respond appropriately.
You need to use hashtags and search buttons or third party apps to track where your business is being mentioned, or keywords that have something to do with your business. If you bake cakes for example, you need to have cakes in search terms you are tracking. Anywhere the word 'cake' is mentioned, you should be ready to join the conversation and subtly introduce your business.
6. Follow Trends.
It's very important to understand what's happening around you. Trends give you an idea of what conversations are rife on social media, and when you search through, you can find the best way to jump into the conversation to suit your business. You can search for trends by either using the search icon on your twitter app on mobile or following @TrendsLagos or @TrendsNigeria to keep up with what's trending.
7. Give offers & Collaborate if possible.
You need to be able to give offers (that you can afford) from time to time. For example, Duna can offer to give a free massage to first 5 followers in a month or people who retweet a particular tweet. You can also collaborate with existing brands during their promos, and add your service as part of the benefits. That way, your are promoting your brand awareness.
That's all I can take for now. If you have further questions or need assistance in setting up your business on Twitter, please reach me privately.
Thank you.
Have a lovely day ahead.