African Renaissance: Lack of Credible Young Leaders or Lack of opportunity?...Must Read!

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"Why is Africa so saddled with leaders who have lost touch of reality?"- Lack of Credible Young Leaders or Lack of opportunity.
If we must engineer and re-engineer a pathway for Africa's emancipation from white economic imperialism and re-
direct the economic journey of Africa to a path of steady growth, we must learn about Africa and cultivate the spirit of love into Africans so that our children will harvest the fruits of a united Africa.
Time of essence is however long wasted in the negligence of building a sustainable economic integration among member countries in Africa.
The recent step towards a unified regional currency for ECOWAS member states is huge strategic step in the direction of strengthening individual weakness. It is time to buckle up, get our acts together and not allow this desirous effort to venture into the same old path that foiled the idea at first instance. We cannot continue to remain United in Poverty.
Parents and leaders must begin to teach their kids African history. They must be told the African story and the uniqueness of her culture. They must be informed and taught about the founding fathers of Africa's independence in various countries and the roles of Desmond Tutu, Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Thabo Mbeki and a host of other African patriots.
If a child grows up and does not know what happened to his father, what happened to his father will happen to him.
Yes, it is true.
Today, we have been programmed to become aware of the founding fathers of America and Europe. Their stories are continually told countless times for assimilation. We've been unconsciously made to learn about their lives and their sacrifices which is good for international relations and diplomacy. While we appreciate the lives of these men and their outstanding achievements in the cause of humanity, we cannot afford to neglect our own heroes and must ensure that their stories remain on the lips of every African child.
We must endeavour not to loose our root in the pursuit of foreign scholarship but consciously strive towards exporting the African culture and it's uniqueness.
While some may say our tribes and tongue differs, there is need to remember we are of one race- the negro race and on what basis can we achieve unity if our tribe and tongue do not differ?. It is our strength not our weakness.
The issues of trans border peace must be taken seriously. The man from Bakassi peninsula must not be maltreated by the man from Southern Cameroon and the man from South Africa must not see his brother from Nigeria as an enemy taking his job. We must grow in unity and in love. Our goal is to learn to love and tolerate one another if we must soar to the heights of greatness. It's our duty to learn to leverage our diversity to achieve greatness for it is our strength.
"If what you can do, I can't and what I can, you cannot do, what then could stop us from doing great things together?".
No democracy can be considered matured if the youths are not the central focus of its developmental drive. The role of young people in the socio-political and economic development of any nation cannot be over emphasised. They are the engine of sustainability and we must therefore not only encourage the civic participation of young people in African governance and determination of their affairs, but must show them the way.
Every good father wants his child to become better and every great leader shows his people the pathway. Can we today qualify the African leaders with these adjectives?. Many have rather emerged as stumbling blocks to the emancipation of their nation from sickling social vices and economic woes of corruption and incompetence. The African big man prefers to die on seat to relinquish power. The failure to mentor and properly equip the next generation of leaders is a cause for concern that needs to be addressed if the present crop of leaders are thinking about the future of Africa.
A look at the statistics of African leaders shows no less than 21leaders at the twilight of their careers and journey on earth. They lack the strength and finesse to steer Africa on the path of economic revolution.
The African big man rules, he does not reign. He hates criticism and is antagonistic to the freedom and rights of his people. This has become a heavy burden for the African youths. Should we sit down, fold our arms and watch our young people lose faith in the system and what it holds?.
Certainly not. If according to a Chinese proverb, the best time was 20yrs ago and the second best time is now, we must begin to question the status quo, align, and cooperate in redirecting the course of Africa's destiny. It's in our hands.
It is therefore time to begin the process of raising a people of integrity and standard that will reposition governance and restore political confidence in the minds of the electorates. It is time to shun every form of political servitude and begin to hunger for a better tomorrow.
If the dream of a man is big enough, no obstacle can stop him no matter how insurmountable it may appear.
As Tory Burch noted, "If your dream doesn't scare you, it's not big enough".
Together we can do great things.
The time is now.
This is the truth and nothing but the truth.
By NNANTA Eugene; he is an impact driven persona with obsession for excellence and exceptionalism and a vision to raise leaders in Africa.