10 Great Tips To Be A Healthy Writer

Writing is a hobby and a profession . Writing is good for your mental health and and it could make you a billionaire . Writing is everything . Yes, everything including poor health , danger and life of loneliness .
We are all in this together . Back pain and chronic wrist pain have been my own worries. I have used some of the tips I will be sharing here with you and I can confidently say I am a healthy writer . Lol
I am writing this for writers and wanna-be writers . But , most importantly for
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entrepreneurs who have to create contents every day to push their brands . Every profession has it’s own job hazard and writing is not
an exception .
No other profession makes you sit for a long time more than writing . As they say , sitting is the new smoking . Sitting for hours struggling to finish a piece of writing while your eyes are fixed on the computer screen is a perfect example of sedentary lifestyle . And sedentary lifestyle has been a culprit in chronic diseases and early death .
What about the average diet of a writer ? Most times she is so absorbed in her craft that she forgets to plan her meal . And when she writes at home close to her fridge , soda and excessive snacking will be her food .
A writer is expected to read wide too. And this he does while sitting too.
What about long hours of loneliness ? Less time to exercise ?
The above health hazards have been pointed to as the main reasons of lower life expectancies and the exposure to chronic physical and mental illnesses around the globe .
However , we can all do something about it by applying some health tips targeted towards being a healthy writer …..
These are the 10 tips …
1.Create A Routine .
We all have established ways of doing things . These established ways make us think less about most of our daily activities , allowing us to do things at the spinal level. Brushing your teeth ; having your bath; making your bed — these are things we do without thinking much about them . Creating and sticking with writing routine will help you write effortlessly without mush strain on other parts of your daily activities . I write more in the evening after I might seen most patients. Some people are early risers while some people write best at night . See what resonate with you and stuck with it .
2. Sleep Better.
An average person needs 6–8 hours of sleep per day . It is physiological . Nothing heals and reset your brain after a strenuous day like sleeping . As a writer , you need to come to your desk with clear head and balanced mind . Sleep will give you both .
3. Meditations and Mindfulness.
I do my meditations after a 5 minute early morning workout . The sweat combined with mindfulness from meditation makes me write better and clearly . Most of my best articles have been conceived while meditating. I know , Africans are not fans of meditations or Yoga but you can imbibe a silent time for prayer coupled with deep breathing to clear your mind and be in the presence .
4.Start Moving .
You can actually write , read and think while you are standing or exercising . Being a writer is never an excuse not to exercise . I have learnt how to do simple 20 press up for every 1 hour I write .This pump more oxygen to my cramped muscles and my tired brain .
You can walk around while you listen to your audio books or while you read your ebooks. Take some time to move outside to get some fresh air and expose yourself to the bounties of the Sun. You might be prone to Vitamin D deficiency if you stay indoor for too long .
5. Find A Community
Being a writer can predisposes to life of solitude . Solitude is a tool for creativity if not pushed towards loneliness . Loneliness in writers has been the major cause of depression and social awkwardness . The eccentric behaviours among writers should never be seen as normal . It could be a sign of a danger .
However , an offline or online writers community can be a source of strength, career upgrade and socialization .
6.Avoid alcohol and Excessive Caffeine .
Alcohol and caffeine are psychotropics substances . They keep you alert , widens the small arteries and dilate your pupils . These effects cab make you think better , write better and makes you less tired while working . However, our muse could be dependent on these substances making it our refuge when we are too lazy to write . Alcoholism and caffeine abuse is rampant among writers and creative . Yes , you could produce great contents while under the spell of alcohol and caffeine but your health may suffer for it .
7.Sort Out Your Diet .
Keep a diet journal if you a re busy writer . A diet journal will make you plan better and allow to make a choice of good food before you are consumed by your work . You are continue to clog the brain with junks and produce good content . I have once become so dependent on soda drink because of the temporary energy rush it gave me until I was always tired and gained weight that I replaced it with bottle water .
You can also eat better while you write if you separate your workspace from your kitchen or move it away from the fridge. Do what will make you eat less of junks and redesign how you will better foods. If all these are difficult to do , replace your snacks with nuts and fruits
8. Improve Your Workspace .
Ergonomics is the design of workspace for maximum health benefits . Backpain , neck pain and wrist aches are caused by how you sit and the quality and placement of your chairs and tables while you write . Invest in quality piece of furniture if you must sit to write . However , do not make it so comfortable for sitting for a longtime .
What about the source of light ? Natural light is better if your working space is closer to the window . You have the benefits of fresh air and Vitamin D. If you must use an artificial light , please do not use candle ( my hair had once been burnt before , lol).
Declutter your space and rearrange your tools once in a while for creativity , cleanliness and organisation. An organised space can inspire organised thought.
9. Fix Your Relationship
Even though you write alone and your thoughts are entirely yours , you need enablers . No matter how good our environment is , the people in our lives are the ones who make it better ( or worse ). Your relationship is your closest circle of influence that can either makes your writing juice flow or make it stagnant .
I know writing could be time consuming , but give time to nurture your relationships. Keep the ones that are good and do away with maladjusted ones . Seek relationship that makes you shine .
10. Leverage on Technology
Modern writers have arsenal of tools at their disposal . The internet and various applications have made writing easy. If you want to edit , use grammarly . If you want to get more organised , use Evernote . What about Canva for graphics ? Pexel.com, coschedule etc .
These has never been lack of tools . You just need to leverage your creativity to so more while you stress less .
These ten tips are not exhaustive but they are basics .
Think long term as you write and never ever sacrifice your health for your creativity . You need both .
Be committed to be a healthy writer .
To your health.
written by Besh Ladi Lawal