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Are you searching for tips that will enable you to boost your ICT Organization? Then these tips will help you to achieve your target faster than you can ever imagine. If you are running a
start-up ICT organization, then you will discover that it is really not easy to convince people to patronize your business because most of them don’t even know if you will still remain in business three months from now.
Also, we are very much aware of many start-ups that convinced millions of people to buy their products or services within the first three months. If you want to succeed, then you must do these three key things:
Solve customer problems
If your business does not solve the problems of your customers, then you shouldn’t be in the business in the first place. To boost your ICT organization, both you and your staff should be service-oriented at all times. People will keep doing business with you as long as you are ready to solve their myriads of problems.
Outperform the competition
Having the necessary skills and experiences and working with the right staff are keys that will enable you to outperform the competition. If you work hard, no matter the competition you met on ground, you and your team will stay ahead of the competition, but if you don’t work hard, your competitors will outsmart you. Thus, develop a product or service, customers would be happy to use.
Reliable sources of funding
One of the problems most business owners face is how to finance their enterprise. The truth is that money is not the first thing you need to have. Develop the capacity to run the business, develop the capacity to create wealth, pitch your business ideas to the right people, then money will come along with it. Below are some of the tips that can be of great help to you:
·         Seek a loan from a financial institution
·         Trade or barter your skills or equity for start-up help
·         Negotiate an advance from a strategic client or partner
·         Join start-up league of professionals around you
·         Look for venture-capital investors
·         Start an online crowd funding campaign
·         Request a small business grant
·         Pitch your business ideas to friends and family
·         Apply to local and foreign angel-investor organizations
·         Fund the business yourself with the little available money.

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By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh