Interesting Experience with the Teachers of Urban Secondary School Orlu

After having a 4- hours training with the students of Urban Secondary School Orlu in the morning, i spent another 2:30 minutes time with the staff, and it was really amazing. We all left home happy, and motivated to kick off the new academic session with zeal to succeed. September 15th is an event most of them won't forget in a hurry.

Below are excerpts i shared with them during the encounter:

It is my singular pleasure to appreciate
the school management ably led by Rev. Fr. Emma Nwoha and his team of effective staff for the awesome opportunity to interact and reflect with you today. I believe that after this encounter, there will be tremendous change in the way we relate and go about our teaching profession. Every teacher is a leader. Leadership is all about service; serving to live, serving to transform, and serving to impact. Anything outside this is mere showmanship.
According to Encarta Dictionary, a teacher is: ‘somebody who teaches, especially as a profession’. If teaching is not your profession and/ or you don’t have any intention to create a niche in this field, then this training is not for you.

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In this session, we are going to reflect on: ‘21st Century Leadership Nuggets for Great Teachers’. Great teachers are driven by purpose, not money, power or ego. No teacher would be great without gaining relevant 21st century leadership skills- we are in interesting times, if you are not awake or adaptive to the changing times, you will be overtaken by the current change.

Great teachers are highly skilled in teaching; impacting lives, and giving students avenues to communicate with each other at a superlative level. 21st century teachers are courageous, conquer their fears and manage their well-being both in school and at home.

Great teachers have a positive attitude, growth mindset, think outside the box, think strategically, proactive, non-reactive, solution-oriented, use relevant data analysis, develop rich scheme as well as seek constant skill improvement for themselves.
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Great teachers develop strong fluency with social media and digital technology; their encounter with this new technology will widen their horizon and as well create a positive impact on the students in the classroom.
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Let me ask you few questions:
·         How many teachers here are ICT friendly?
·         How many teachers here have accounts with any of the social media platforms?
·         How many teachers read news online and discuss it or use it as a reference with the students in the assembly or classroom?
·         How many teachers are current with the political happenings in the country and use it to update their pupils / students in the classroom?
·         How many teachers back up their research skills with internet updated resources from e-libraries, e-Books, latest articles on current subject areas etc?

Great teachers develop flexible and agile partnerships with each other. Great teachers have strong result mindset, always emphasizing the importance of productivity, priority and efficiency, create the future and solve problems effectively. Great teachers are humble, and they inspire in all ramifications.

From the above analysis, can you beat your chest and call yourself a great teacher? If you are one, keep it up. If you are not, then this is a clarion call to be a great teacher for the service of God and humanity today.

   An effective teacher is a mentor. He/ she is well-organized, and always prepared for unforeseen circumstances. An effective teacher guides students in the right path. Leaders are interested in leading by examples, not in taking titles or showmanship. A great teacher encourages the students and leads to a place of success. If you are a leader, you will lead high performance or higher achieving students. 

As you move in the teaching profession, keep the following tips in mind. You need to be deeply committed to the calling, have an amazing online reputation (talk interesting things about your school),be innovative, engaging and develop the capacity to network with others. Serve as a PR agent for your school.  I wish you the best.