Congratulations on Your Doctoral Defence: Ekene Olubuogu ( Impeccable Legacy)

The history of the world revolves around the respected figures of great men. Almost in the same affirmation, Aristotle, an ancient philosopher talking about excellence said:

 ' Excellence is not an act, but a habit which must be cultivated and nurtured so that it can grow and shine like a million stars. It takes excellence to recognize the fruit of excellence in others'  and that speaks volume about Impeccable Legacy.

He is a big brother, dedicated friend, a young African leader to admire, an inspiring figure, a gift to his generation. A man who loves to live for others. I am excited to know him. I congratulate
him for the inspiring things he has done, and is doing.

This write-up is just a token of congratulations for successfully defending his Doctoral thesis on 'Systematic Theology & Religious Studies' at the Prestigious Catholic Institute of West Africa ( CIWA- PortHarcourt) Nigeria.

With this new academic feather added on his cap, i believe he will add more meaning to life, and contribute towards the integral development of humanity to the Glory of God.

I wish him the best of success in his future endeavors.

Accept my sincerest Congratulations!