IIGL Showed Me the way; amazing Memories

imageimageimageimage2017 Meeting

I am so excited to be part and parcel of IIGL( International Institute for Global Leadership, USA). My encounter with this amazing leadership institute has brought so much joy to my being. Through IIGL, I have been able to discover myself; my purpose of existence, which is adding
value to life.
 IIGL’s well-structured curriculum of studies taught me that leadership is a call to service. So, as a leader, in anywhere I find myself, I am trying my best to exemplify this call to service with my time, talent and treasure.
Just to cite an example, in 2016, I won a community service award from Rotaract Club of Orji Sunrise Nigeria, due to my sincerest selfless service in the community. Currently, I am the ‘President Nominee’ of Rotary Club of Owerri Metropolitan, and would serve in 2018/2019 Rotary Year by the special Grace of God.
 I joined IIGL as a student in 2013, and by 2016 September, I was already a graduate and serving Board member. I am the 18th graduate and currently serving as a Board Member. 
IIGL equipped me with leadership nuggets that have helped me to be inspiring lives through my blog: http://www.emotionalzone.com/. I have received countless emails and testimonies from people whose lives were touched and redirected through my blog. All these motivate me to keep doing what am doing.
My skill in creative writing blossomed during my encounter with IIGL. Today, I have 3 books currently published in Amazon.
Also, as a creative writer, I have served over 100 clients from more than 40 countries of the world through various online freelancing platforms. Each of these clients has something amazing to say about my quality and prompt delivery. Their reviews and recommendations keep pushing me to learn more and do more.
The summit of my project is the registration and eventual kick-off of my brand new organization ‘Blueprint Consulting’; a leadership & Management consulting organization that specializes in the training and development of private and corporate organizations especially in the areas of maximizing their employee productivity, creativity and overall organizational leadership development. The goal is to help them achieve personal and business goals faster than they can ever imagine.
IIGL has taught me to be the new face of change I want to see in the world. IIGL is a road map to excellence; it’s a great joy to be part of this unique leadership institute!