Blueprint consulting team hangout with Nobleseed Montesori Schools Owerri, Nigeria

It is my singular pleasure to appreciate the school management ably led by Pastor Mrs Chioma Omoma- Edosa and her team of effective teachers for the awesome opportunity to interact with my team at Blueprint Consulting, I believe that
after this encounter, there will be tremendous change in the way teachers teach and students learn in Nobleseed Montesori School, Owerri.

We equipped the teachers with immediate actionable skills they need to employ in the teaching industry. 

Being a teacher myself, raised by my mother, an accomplished teacher of over 30 teachers, I shared with them a lot of 21st century ideas for effective teaching.

We reflected on: ‘21st Century Leadership Nuggets for Great Teachers’. Great teachers are driven by purpose, not money, power or ego. No teacher would be great without gaining relevant 21st century leadership skills- we are in interesting times, if you are not awake or adaptive to the changing times, you will be overtaken by the current change.

Great teachers are highly skilled in teaching; impacting lives, and giving pupils/ students avenues to communicate with each other at a superlative level. 21st century teachers are courageous, conquer their fears and manage their well-being both in school and at home.

Great teachers have a positive attitude, growth mindset, think outside the box, think strategically, proactive, non-reactive, solution-oriented, use relevant data analysis, develop rich lesson notes as well as seek constant skill improvement for themselves.

Research from Blueprint Consulting shows that schools that train their teaching staff experience about 73% higher productivity and profits. 

After the one day great encounter with the teachers, we can certify that we have raised new generation of leaders of repute for that school.