Accomplishing Fitness Goals: How to Stay Motivated

Accomplishing Fitness Goals: How to Stay Motivated

Why do people exercise? Most people are motivated by one of the following three reasons – staying healthy, staying in shape and losing weight. While there are many more reasons, I would argue that most people wall in one of these three categories. 

So how much exercise you need to accomplish these three goals? Well, it certainly depends on your goal (if you want to become a full-blown bodybuilder, you’ll need to spend hours and hours in the gym for example) however, it turns out it actually a lot less than most of us think.

The Amount of Exercise You Need to get in Shape

A recently published study reveals that all you need are 30 minutes of light workout (thinksimple fitness exercises or jogging) to stay in shape and/or lose shape. These findings are based on results from the annual Health Survey for England between 1999 and 2012. 
So no matter the shape you’re in, half-an-hour of an easy workout seems quite reasonable – right?
So why are so many people out of shape? Most people come across this problem – all they want to do is exercise for 30 minutes or so, but when it’s time to get up from the couch and actually go running or do some sit-ups, they simply can’t get themselves do it.
To put it simply – lack of motivation is the most probable answer.

How to Exercise Even When You Don’t Feel Like

Even if you do only 30 minutes daily, you still have to take into account the time it takes to prepare before it and the time it takes wrap everything up. That seems like a lot of work, especially if you haven’t worked out in a while.
The solution to this problem is simple – you need to set the bar low.
For instance, if you want to lose some weight before you start building those muscles up, don’t go on a strict diet right away. First, start cutting back on sweets. Try going a week without your favorite candy bars. Next go a week without sodas. Then throw in some more vegetables…. So on and so forth.
And once you accomplish that, it’s time to visit a nutritionist or start using a healthy meal prep service.
No one should start their fitness program by running 10 miles per day, or doing 200 pushups. Start as small as you can, and only after you accomplish those small goals should you start increasing the intensity. But all of this is too general, so let’s look at some concrete tips.

·         Write Down Your Goals

Setting those micro-goals we’ve mentioned above is important, but that’s simply not enough. Your goals have to be specific and measurable. And always keep these goals close at hand (maybe set reminders about them in your phone) to ensure that you keep them.

·         Track Your Progress

If your goal is to lose weight – don’t be afraid of the scale. If you want to muscles – take some measuring tape and keep track of your muscle mass. But don’t become discouraged if you don’t show too much progress in the beginning, because success doesn’t come overnight.

·         Build a Support Group

Start of by notifying some of your close friends and family members about your fitness goals. Making changes (even the small ones) to your lifestyle is always challenging, so you need to develop a support group that will help you stay on the right path when you need it most and help you stay accountable.

Final Thoughts

So those are a couple ways you can motivate to start training and accomplishing your fitness goals as soon as possible. But is there something that we missed out on? Is there something that helped you stay motivated to reach your goals? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section bellow.

By Monica Nichols

Being a writer and fashion designer is a dream come true for Monica Nichols and since she was a child, she knew her artistic tendencies will determine her life. She is a beloved writer. She is 32 and currently living in Omaha, Nebraska. Monica likes to spend her time doing yoga and going to live jazz gigs whenever the opportunity arises.