Top 5 High-Paying Online Jobs in 2017

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The growth of internet in the late 20th century came with a lot of goodies. Once, you are willing to work online, you will find a great number of jobs that relates to your specific skills. We are already in 2017- if you have a computer with internet connections, and you have the skills to work, you will never be a victim of unemployment; you will always find jobs to do.
Here are top 7 high-paying jobs
this year:
1.      Freelance Writer
Companies are in need of freelance writers now more than ever, especially in the areas of creative writing, content writing, article, blog writing, eBook writing, newsletters, press releases etc.  Some of these firms have staff writers, yet they prefer to source for quality contents online.
While, some companies do not have staff writers, so they go online, because this is a place they will believe they will get great literary work at highly affordable rates. If you can creatively, then you can sell the content of your brain to the highest bidder through creative writing.
Freelance writing is not an easy task; it requires ambition, drive, and willingness to provide your thoughts on events that are happening around you. For many years now, I have been paying my bills courtesy of freelance writing and other skills I have such as consulting, public speaking and career mentoring.
2.      Virtual Assistant

In this age of innovative technology, many businesses prefer to do their businesses online, operating in a digital format. Thus, to do this effectively, they need a virtual assistant that would help them to stay focused, and complete their myriads of administrative tasks.
The job specification of a virtual assistant varies such as creating useful documents for the business, creating contents, answering emails and calls and lots more. You can be working as a virtual assistant from a company that is based in United States of America right from the comfort of your home in Nigeria.

3.      Website developer / designer
If you can develop or design a website, then you can have so many wonderful jobs to do online. If your website has a successful design, visitors can be happy in it, because they will feel that it worth their time.
The longer a visitor stays on your website, the better for you, the more likely that they are going to subscribe for any of the services you offer. Thus, getting a good website developer/ designer is the real deal.

4.      Social Media Manager
Social media managers are making good money from their clients. Most businesses are pumping a lot of money for ads through social media, more than the amount they spend on radio or television.
However, not every business has a formidable social media manager- some of these businesses are looking for people that will manage their accounts. If you have massive followers or friends on social media, then think of turning that into a money making venture. Consider reaching out to any company that might need your social media promotion.
5.      Email Marketer
If you are good in designing a company’s email advertising campaign, then that is a great avenue to make money this year. You can manage a subscriber list for one or two clients and make money from it.
This is a lucrative position usually, held by those with strong background in communication, marketing or public relations. If you are familiar with web design or graphic design, then this will be a plus for you.
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