.' I worked hard to prove you wrong Dad...' Jennifer Umeh's Tribute to Dad

Rest in Peace Dad.
I had trust issues while growing up. My dad never wanted me from the day I was born. If it were up to him, he would have killed me because
he wanted a male child. He denied me and left my mother while i was just 9 months old.

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My grandma took me in. She loved me, and I am grateful for that. But growing up wasn't easy... Apparently my dad wanted to reunite with me, which my mum never gave him the chance to.

I was abused while growing up.
Everyone I was supposed to trust hurt me either physically, mentally, emotionally, and for the most part sexually. I only prayed that God would take me out of their lives. And he did...

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Mum re married when i was 10years and took me along with her. From that day, I knew I didn't need him and that my life was better off without him. And instead, I wished him death all day. Due to the nasty stroies i was told. But then again, I realized having so much anger and resentment towards him kills me daily...I'm the woman
that I am today because of him. Strong, smart, intelligent, brave, beautiful and

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Dad as you are been buried tomorrow, May your soul rest in peace. I feel sad because you never get to meet me now that i am older. I work hard all day because i want to prove you wrong that female children are also amazing and could achieve anything just like their male counterpart. And God made it worst that i am your only child. God did not give you another child. While mum was blessed with four kids. (2boys&2girls)

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Had it been you waited, it could have been us.

I love you so much... and 

I am sorry..
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 Profile of Jennifer Chinonye Umeh:         
She is a social development practitioner, who is passionate about quality education and girl’s development. She believes every girl should be empowered to be self-reliant. She is an inspiring young African leader. She is the founder of ‘Hope for Africa Girls’ Initiative’. She had a dream and that dream was to transform the lives of girls in Africa through qualitative education and empowerment. In doing so, she helped girls develop key skills needed for their success in life. 
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Her programs inspire girls to have the voice, confidence and problem-solving capacity to speak up, be decision makers and create social change. She was hated, abandoned by her own Dad at the age of 9 months, but she didn’t give up. 

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While growing up, she was abused physically, mentally, emotionally and SEXUALLY by people she supposed to feel safe in their hands, yet she didn’t give up. Today, she is living to tell the story and using her life to inspire others.

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Let’s join hands in empowering the girl child…every child is important. There are some families that are eating today and creating value, because they had a female child!