Difficult bosses: 10 Signs you might be one of them (Part 2)

1.      Bosses that make employees miserable
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These are the type of bosses that are happy when their team members are unhappy. They don’t care about the happiness of their members. Surely, happy workers are
productive and highly efficient.

Miserable employees are mostly interested in getting out of their miseries, avoiding doing the work, and / or looking for another and leaving the organization unexpectedly.

2.      Bosses that don’t relay the organization’s vision to their teams
It could be counterproductive for a boss not to relay the organization’s vision to their team members.
Some bosses know the goals and vision of the organization, but they are finding it extremely difficult to relay it to their team. Some of them will just be expecting the team to figure it out by themselves.

However, upon series of personal investigation, I discovered that some bosses do this for series of reasons. It could be that they don’t like taking their time to explain all these details.

Some out of bad will never talk about the organization’s goals, because they bluntly want things to go wrong or they want some team members to fail in their respective duty posts.

But these bosses don’t know that when a team member fails, they also have failed too. Relaying the organization’s goals will enhance productivity among members and the organization.  

3.      Bosses that never appreciates

I have met some bosses that find it difficult to say ‘thank you’ to their team members. A simple ‘Thank You’ might be what your team needs to do more. Saying simple words like ‘Thank You’ takes little effort, but it will achieve a great result. It will increase your respect and likeability.

4.      Bosses that breeds constant turnover
If you are in an organization that keeps on recruiting for the same position, then something is wrong with the head. You might be a bad boss. I have once come across an organization that has existed for 8 years, and within these 8 years, they have experienced 8 different Managing Directors.
After my investigative analysis, I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that something is just not working in that organization. People were happy leaving the organization, not because they don’t like the job, but that they are not happy with the way things goes inside it.                                                      
5.      Bosses with under performing team

   If things are not working fine, it is a sign that the boss is under performing. As a leadership consultant, when I am invited to come and train an under performing team, the first searchlight I mount is usually on the boss.
Most times, I discover that the boss needs more training than other members of the team. Employees need to be motivated, and directed to do well, and if they are not getting it from the right source- the boss, then chances are high that they will under perform.
Being a boss entails developing the skills of human relations, and having the desire to contribute your quota towards the integral development of the organization.