Why I joined the Rotary Family: It’s all about Service above Self

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Being a Rotarian is all about offering selfless service to God and humanity. My actions in life has been steadily motivated by sharing my time, talent and treasure for the service
of another. I have been severely favoured by just been good to one another. I have met long-term friends, and associates.
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I am happy donating a part of myself for others. I am not doing it because I have more than others; I am not even doing it because I want to show off that I can do it. I am doing it, because I feel I need to touch lives in my own little way. That’s the essence of true living.
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14th December, 2016 was a special day in my life. It was the day I was officially inducted into the parent body of the Rotary Family. I have been an active member of Rotaract, a youth wing of Rotary International since 2012, and the experience had been amazing too.
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Within these years, I participated actively in end polio rallies held in Imo State, participated in peace keeping seminar in Orji community at two different ocassions, Participated in free HIV/ Aids screening, hepatitis screening, community development, social work, human capital training, leadership development and many other charitable gestures which we carried out under the umbrella of Rotaract Club of Orji Sunrise, Community Based, where I served as a secretary, and International Service Director respectively.
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My greatest happiness is the fact that I was able to contribute my little quota towards making another person happier, better, and smile. Rotary is all about service above self. It is rewarding to see a group of Rotarians, Rotaractors, and interactors coming together to fulfil one singular purpose- service above self in all ramifications.
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This is a unique value that can be perceived in every level of Rotary- locally and internationally. Many Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors I know have active working lifestyle, who will appreciate every little time they had to spend with their families or loved ones, but it is amazing to see them spending a part of it to serving others without expecting to be paid.

 You have not touched life, until you have helped someone or a group of people who doesn’t know you, not to talk of coming back to say thank you. That’s part of what Rotary exemplifies. We are not serving only those we know. In fact, we even derive pleasure in serving those we do not know.
I am proud to be part of this awesome global family. Just to cite one example, it is because of the humanitarian gestures of organizations like Rotary, that no woman takes her child for immunization and is asked to pay a dim.

At my induction at Rotary Club of Owerri Metropolitan, I pledged to be law-abiding, a good citizen, and to always exude service above self in all my dealings with one another.

It’s motivated by service!