Reflections on the Culture of a great personage: Celestine Chiedozie

Friends, permit me to introduce you to a friend, a brother, a mentor, a guru, public speaker,  bridge-builder, young African leader, a golden man with a golden heart, morphology of agglomeration and the conglomeration of intellectual enwisdomizer. He is selfless, compassionate, faith-filled, highly focused, a literary giant and above all a child of the Most  high God.

 This young man has done things worth writing about, and really written things worth reading. But, I won’t bore you with details now, because we
are not yet preparing his autobiographical or biographical memoir.

It is not for nothing that a philosopher of great repute, G.W.F Hegel came out with the proposition that the world revolves around the figure of great men. I am proud to be associated with this rare gem. An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of Heaven, and that he has in abundance, robbing on so many people, one of which am a privileged beneficiary. People like us who have known him for years have never regretted that our path crossed.

Right from the time he was a senior prefect in the secondary school, he showed and severally exhibited the Socratic dictum: ‘an unexamined life is worth living’. He lived and still living an examined life, and probably that is part of the reason why he continues to be a gift to humanity.

During his university days at Imo State University, his intellectual acumen blown out of proportion to the extent that whoever met him, will feel the ataraxia of meeting a gifted enwisdomizer, philosopher and solution economist. People started addressing him with the appellation of ‘Prof’ even when he was yet to defend his Bachelor’s thesis. 

In 2011, Celestine graduated from Imo State University as the best graduating student in department of Philosophy and faculty of Humanities with ‘First Class Honours’. Thereafter, he proceeded to Ibadan Polytechnics for his compulsory one year NYSC programme as an assistant lecturer; there he was able to inspire his generations to the optimum. 

Many of his students are currently making great impact around not just the African continent, but around the world.  I am not forgetting his legendary contributions to Carrington Consulting and Business School, and Western News as an investigative reporter of repute during those times.

At the completion of his service year, the young and energetic brain enrolled to the prestigious Ivory tower, and my own alma matter ‘University of Ibadan’ for Masters in Philosophical Studies. Today, I am proud to say that Celestine has accomplished another exceptional feat, and left brilliant academic records for history and of course warming up for his doctoral degree.

All I can say is to God be the glory, May the good Lord who started and destined this good work in him, bring it to fulfilment. Before I conclude my short little epistle on this exceptional child of destiny, I won’t forget to wish him all the best as he joins his fellow academic zeus at Pan Atlantic University as an academic staff.

You are just in the morning of your days! Keep blossoming in excelsis. People like you comes once in a century!