My Birthday Prayer & Token of Gratitude

Thank you my dear God, the author and finisher of my life for granting me yet another beautiful year that started barely 24 hours ago in spite of my unworthiness.
Thank you for all those that remembered me through calls, prayers, text messages and a wide range of messages received on the social media space. Your best of wishes means so much to me, and I do not take them for granted. Over 1000+ people congratulated me on social media.

A thoughtful heart is a grateful; I am very appreciative of your love. Having celebrated and thanked God for my life, may you continue to live an amazing life, Amen

Thank you God for the experience of past years, for the many times I failed, which reminded me how frail I am and can be, which will continue to be a turning point, for the many times I succeeded which will continue to be a happy memory and a motivating factor.

Forgive me Lord, for the many hours I wasted with the wrong people, for the golden chances and opportunities I missed these past years.
Help me Lord in the coming year, to continue to be a gift of myself to the world, to continue to offer selfless services to humanity, to continue to offer my time, talent and treasures for people. Help me never to lack, and experience great wishes and successes in my upcoming organizations.

Help me Lord to always be a sign of contradiction to the world, may my profit lies in service to you and humanity.
May my actions bring good credits to myself, pride and fulfilled happiness to my loved ones, and eternal Joy to you, Amen.

May Mary, mother of intercession pray for me now and always especially on my young family.

To all my friends, well-wishers, colleagues and clients, bless them abundantly. May we continue to roll like never before. Supply them with all the material and spiritual needs from the heavenly places.

To those who hate me and/ or wronged me knowingly and unknowingly, grant them forgiveness and change of heart, as I grant them absolute pardon from my heart.

To all those I have wronged and stepped on their toes, oh Lord, you know I am human, may you remember not the sins of my youth and grant me absolute forgiveness, Amen.
All these and many more i Pray through Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Amen

Yours Sincerely
Ethelbert Obinna Umeh