Jane Uzor Keeps mentoring the Younger Generation

Uzor Jane Chinenyenwa is a young African leader. She is passionate about leadership training for
children. She inspires people to read, write and meet people. Her profit lies in seeing teenagers become all they can be and actualize their potentials. 

Jane is doing a great job through her pet organization ' Noble Teens Club'

Below is a reflection of her just concluded project in Calabar, Nigeria:

The need to guide teenagers aright to begin to build the future they see cannot be overemphasized and that is the reason Noble Teens Club was set up in Government Secondary School,  State Housing,  Calabar. On our first meeting we looked at 'Who is a teenager?' As the Facilitator,  Mrs Aruk Eteng put it,  a teenager is a young child growing into adulthood. 

A teenager experiences hormonal changes as well as thoughts conflicting those of their parents. However, the students were made to understand that it is a defining time of their lives as decisions they make now would affect their future.  She went ahead to ask them to note down things they loved about themselves and they would love to change about themselves.

  She taught them to love themselves and beautify their inner selves as well as accept others for who they are. Other lessons learnt were:

A teenager should be confident in themselves. 

A teenager should be hungry to learn new things. 

A teenager should work hard in school and develop good hygiene. 

Social media  was not left out as they were urged to be sure to be proud of whatever they post online in times to come.  When asked they responded that they had learnt that there was no excuse not to be successful and not to allow their background put their back to the ground (set them back).

Certainly,  these 24 teenagers have been inspired to take that right step towards their future, learn more about who they aspire to be and understand that whatever they are experiencing is not abnormal but more important is what they do with the passing moments. 

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