Token of Gratitude to IIGL Family: Read Full details inside.

Feeling truly refreshed and proud that an intellectual cum leadership training program that started four years ago at International Institute for Global Leadership, IIGL, USA has happily come to an amazing end in the early hours of today.

To God be the glory as I bag a certificate on 'Global Leadership Studies' from this prestigious institute. It couldn’t have been possible without God and my personal efforts. I am sharing this because it has pleased God to make it possible.

My Program director, Deborah
Rosen after examining my project and my research skills pointed out while congratulating me on my graduation today that she is indeed proud of me. Dear Deb, I pray you will have multiple reasons to be proud of me in the near future.

 You were and still are a dependable counsellor, inspiration, gentle, kind in words and deeds and an inspiring intellectual program director. You have the heart of a great teacher, whose main duty is to inspire. I am so proud that I met a great personality like you. Great figures like you come once in a millennium.

 You guided me all through the leadership training like an egg on iron; I didn't and couldn't slip from thy hands. At no point did I ever get stressed, or attempted to give up.  It may interest my readers to know that I read directly about 32 awesome leadership books, an eye-opening writing exercise, research project / business plan during this program and about 100 indirect books from other sources that helped in shaping me.

 I promise to dedicate the remaining part of my life in community development through writing and speaking on leadership development opportunities like goal setting/ mapping, entrepreneurial pursuits, business & sales coaching, foresight, stewardship, servant leadership, etc.

To the founder of this great institute Michael Lightweaver, thanks a million times for pioneering this awesome IIGL initiative and for shaping the lives of many young leaders not just in Africa, but around the world. The future is so bright for IIGL family. Words are truly insufficient for me to deeply express my deep sentiments of gratitude to you Michael.

I am so happy to identify with Felix Iziomoh, who was the first graduate of this institute, and who is currently the president of this institute, and who has earlier on sent me a message of congratulations plus welcoming me into the alumni community. I look forward in joyful hope and in blending with the alumni community in doing amazing work in Africa and around the world through my start-up organization.

Special thanks to other members of the IIGL family that have been there for me especially Emmanuel Iziomoh, and Ziyad Abdule. Your advice, suggestions and leadership blending had been legendary.

And for those that are looking for opportunities to hone their leadership acumen, International Institute for Global Leadership is a reliable place to be. I have never ceased any opportunity to introduce this leadership platform to my friends, mentees, and well-wishers. Grab the opportunity, and you will surely be happy you did. It is a fully-equipped online studies that is really helpful in leadership development, self-actualization and sufficiency.

Special thanks to my family especially, my mom, sister, my awesome delightful wife, friends and well-wishers for giving me the enabling environment to assimilate and digest the leadership trainings and then be able to share my experiences with the world.

If i am forgetting to thank anyone that assisted all through this journey, please accept bigger thanks from the deepest part of my heart.
This little token of appreciation would be incomplete, if I fail to recognize my friend and brother, Celestine Chidozie who came to my house sometime in 2013, and in the course of our usual intellectual summit and rejuvenation on sundry issues in Africa and importance of community development mentioned to me about IIGL, and described it as an institution that trains leaders across the world, which he intends to join someday.

He told me that how marvelled he is to learn from one of his friend Seye, who had earned a certificate from this institute.

 I later searched about it, read about student testimonials and was really seduced to be part of this wonderful global family. I keyed into the opportunity and now is the celebration of the harvest.

 Cele, i know you will be proud to hear that I joined few weeks after our discussion, and am now the 18th graduate of this institution with effect from September 14th, 2016.  Glad to let you know that I was also appointed a board member since July this year.

My thoughts and words overflows with noble words to the best and greatest leader, the beginning, and the end, the ocean divider, the ancient of days, the lily of the valley, the prince of peace, the Lord of Lords, the shekina glory, the onyeisi okanga, igwe ogada gidi, eze umu mmuo, otu onye ana-asi unu abiaruola, gaga na-ogwu, nkenke ehi na-achu igwe ehi oso, okpata ozuoha, the ubiquitous creator, the natura naturans, ujunwa anuri uwa nine, deus sive natura, the uncaused cause etc.

May all honour, adoration, thanksgiving, and adulation, be unto you both now and forever, Amen.

Time to make a towering impact in my community!