Know Your Customers: 6 types of customers to keep in mind always

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As an entrepreneur, if you don’t know your customers, then you are missing a great deal. Every customer is important. Everyone that walks into your office should be handled with professional finesse.
The person is likely going to make or mar your business to some extent.  I have met so many employers who keep on shouting to their employees that the customer is always right and should be treated like ‘kings’.
Yes, there is no doubt the customer
is king, but you shouldn’t treat your employees like filthy rats. If you do, then you are indirectly risking your business. Treat your employees like kings also, so that they can treat your customers with respect and love.
I stumbled upon one of the writings of ‘Reaves’ where he identified six types of customers we should always keep in mind. I wish to share with you, so that you will know where every customer fits in. These include:
1.      Endorsers
Probably, this is about 5% of your client base. This type of customers goes about telling people about your organization or business and how you treat your customers. They will be advertising your business.
With this people, you are running a free ad. You are not paying anyone. Then, if few of these endorsers are public figures, the possibility of you getting high leads is high.
 An endorser is an observer. He/ she may not buy from you, before aggressively endorses your business. All they need to see is how people buy from you- and that’s all.
2.      Buyers

This is another class of customer.  Probably about 15% of those that comes into your business fall within this group. A buyer may continue to buy your products or services, often exclusively without even endorsing your business or even going the extra mile to introduce it to the person at the next door.
 One silly mistake from your team is enough to piss a buyer off; it may be an incorrect invoice or a little shipment error. If such thing happens, you may go an extra mile to convince him or her back that you are real.

One simple error message is enough to make a buyer to keep a distance from your business. This is probably part of the reason why you should treat your employees with utmost respect. If your team is well trained, some mistakes could be avoided.

3.      Satisfied mutes
According to Reaves, this is about 30%. This people just come to you, buy your products or services and gently walk away.  They don’t talk to you, and many of them are not even interested in opening a discussion or relationship with you.

If you try to engage them by saying ‘welcome’ they will respond ‘thanks’. If you take a step further by asking them ‘how is business going’ they will tell you that ‘it’s fine’. They keep mute when they are satisfied with your products or services.

4.      Dissatisfied mutes

These are another set of customers; probably they contribute about 30% of your customer base. Some of them were those that migrated from being satisfied mutes.

They keep mute if they have any complaint to make about your products or services. They will simply soliloquize. To make this person an ‘endorser’ you will need to work hard. You will need about 30 positive incidents to win him or her.

5.      Grumblers

This contributes about 15% of your client base. Probably, it is because of these customers that most employers keep shouting to their employees that ‘the customer is always right’. No matter what you do, it is difficult to please them. They will always find reasons to complain bitterly about your products or services.

Some of these buyers came to your business with negative mindset or even bizarre experience they have had elsewhere. They have experienced many negative incidents in their lives.

No matter what you do to them, they will still grumble. You don’t have to walk them out of your office; you only need to handle them with care. Pet them and sand -fill your purse.

6.      Complainers
This is another deadly set of customers. Just like grumblers, though they fall within the negligible few. They are about 5% of your buyers. They go about telling everyone where you are not getting it well, and how badly your firm keep on treating them. An unprofessional secretary, receptionist, or front desk officer may lose patience with these people easily. Yes, they are not your friends, but treat them as one.

Final note:
 Reaves says that: ‘no wonder it’s more profitable to retain customers. If you resolve problems to their satisfaction, they will continue to buy from you 75% of the time. If you resolve the problem immediately, that figure rises to 96%’
I hope you learnt something here for your business?

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