Congratulatory message from Celestine Chidozie

Hello dear friends & readers..

Owing to my recent graduation as the 18th graduate of the Prestigious International Institute for Global Leadership, USA.

 I received so many encomiums from friends, family and well-wishers both on social media, through calls, and one-on-one conversation.

I wish to share just one of it from a friend, Celestine
Chidozie. He posted it on my facebook timeline, so i decided to share it here:

Read and be merry:

To my friend Ethel:
Dear Ethel,
Deus omnia gloria! Pardon me for I couldn't find better words to begin this short piece of congratulations to you on your recent feat at the International Institute for Global Leadership, IIGL USA.
We have been friends for almost 7 years now and every now and then you never ceased to amaze me by your "crazy" thirst for knowledge. A degree in Philosophy, a degree in Journalism and another degree in strategic leadership. I can bet that you will choose the path of academics 100 times if you were to have chance for hundred lifetimes.

Without any intent to stir pride in you, I must tell you that those books you lent me during my philosophy days at IMSU were very instrumental to my firm footing in philosophy. Today I still relish them. In one of those evening walks we had, you said something I knew not whether you were quoting someone or speaking from your heart. You said to me " A philosopher may not be a good church goer but he knows well not to ask from God that which is not in heaven - hardwork" That was a catalyst for my intense studies in my final years. Nevertheless, both of us are good church goers cum philosophers.

Since I stayed in your house the days I visited Owerri, I can say without mincing words that I observed you as you pour in books into your head late at nights. Oh my God! For as many times as I looked at your study table you appeared glued onto it with such concentration that I resisted the temptation to believe that you were conjuring demons of knowledge from those texts. Hope it will not offend you if i say that I literally watch your baldness expand its coast during those days you read and wrote extensively for Google Nigeria.

With every sense of humility Ethel, I wish to remind you here that because you challenged me in my final year in school when you learnt that my GP was on 4.5, you said that I should prove that am smarter than my level mates in the faculty of Humanities by beating the 4.5 "benchmark" . What else did I care for in those days than books? I took the challenge and your jaw dropped in awe when I brought to your house that piece of paper with 4.7 CGP.

There are very more things ahead we have to do to make our society better so i charge you not to be quick to grow old.

Have i said too much?. I guess I did. I only intend to say Congratulations on your graduation and good luck in your new project. Deus omnia Gloria.
Best regards,
Sept.15: Feast our Lady of Sorrows.

My thought: Thank you Celestine for this kind message. I feel honored to associate with you.  I wish you all the best as you have enrolled for your PhD studies in Philosophy.