The real Reason why the Facebook Boss is in Nigeria.

The internet is hot with the news of a 32 year old boy who visited Lagos. Actually on his first ever visit to Sub-Sahara Africa.
Zuckerberg's visit is worth every bit of
attention it has generated for the young man has worked his way to the top. Apart from being one of the richest men in the world today at just 32, Zuckerberg is a powerful inspiration to millions of people around the world, especially the youths.

He is a model of humility, diligence and patriotism. An American patriot who flies the American flag wherever he goes. He had many reasons not to make it in life, he had many reasons to sit back in his moaning about the imbalance and other ills in America, but he chose to take his fate in his own hands and today, he has created hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs, not just in America, but across the world.

What has he come to Lagos to do? Mark has come to launch another program that he expects will tremendously help young entrepreneurs, especially in third world countries to find their footing in the world of business.
It is not too late to take the right action for yourself and your country's growth. Zuckerberg has done it, you can do it.

Note: Lifted from the facebook post of Onwuasoanya FCC Jones.