I Refused To Wear Makeup On My Wedding Day Cos When My Husband First Met Me, I Had Not Had My Bath” – Viral Bride speak

I refused to wear Make up on my wedding day because the day my husband met me, I have not had my bath- Viral bride Bisola Umoren speaks
On Monday, August 22, a photo of a beautiful bride who
wore her natural look to her wedding went viral. Several reports claimed that she is a black and beautiful Ghanaian bride.
Well, Vanguard Allure made a research and discovered that Bisola Umoren is not just a Nigerian, but a Lagos State born bride who shook social media with her daring no-make-up wedding looks.
Lets hear her as she speaks:
Just like I was convinced to wear make-up on my engagement day, I was also told to do same for my wedding. I also planned to go for nude make over. I contacted a make-up artiste and she was on standby. On that‎ fateful morning, I was in the car and I looked at the mirror and liked what I saw. Meanwhile, because I was already running late, I had begged the make-up artiste to come over and do the make up in the church (inside the car). After all, it wasn’t supposed to be a serious thing- just small touches here and there.
So, as I starred at myself in the mirror, I looked so natural and beautiful; I really liked what I saw.
Some church members also came to me and liked my natural look and agreed with me not to make up.
Secondly, to be honest, when my husband first met me, I had not had my bath, but he saw and fell in love with my natural look. My hair was due, my face looked way older, I was even tying nylon on my hair when he came to me on that fateful morning, yet he loved what he saw. So, who am I supposed to be making all that up for on my wedding day?
So, that was it. I think God just decided to crown me with early morning beauty the day I wedded.
Interestingly, the photographer and the make-up person, were insisting that I should touch up my face a little but I blatantly refused. In the process, a marriage committee member overheard us and warned that make-up is not allowed inside the Church; Christ Apostolic Church, Surulere.

Friends, what do you make of this?
Note: This post was lifted from the facebook post of Nki Ru.