Dino Melaye and Olu Tinubu Rift: Becoming an Overemphasized matter in Nigeria

I want us to see the clash of these two Senators as a class issue and misunderstanding. Like in our society today, your class or course mate is automatically you mate and can challenge you or your views without considering the age gap between both of you. In this case it then depends on
who is physically strong than the other to defeat.
Holistically reviewing the position of the matter, the exchange of words among them was as a result of the class they both belong which they found themselves as competitors in opinion and views. To Senator Tinubu, the same mandate Melaye received from his constituency to be there was the same she has as a member of that high class. Therefore it doesn’t matter if he is a senior by age or stronger than her since they possess the same right in the house either to agree or disagree in any issue raised.
I don’t see reasons or the rationality for one-sided pity or more emphasis and concern on the languages used by Dino Melaye. They both used their appropriate word weapon to attack each other. Therefore it doesn’t call for national sentiment. Come to think of it, between a “thug” and “dog”, “beating up” and “impregnating” which is more derogatory and annoying? Or which is more animalistic in nature?
Metaphorically, the word “dog” used by Mrs. Tinubu to personify Senator Dino simply means “womanizing”. Suffice it to say that Senator Tinubu called Senator Dino a thug and a womanizer which also related to sexuality. So this may have aggravated Dino to say that he will beat her up and impregnate her since she has started using sexual assault on him. All these are mere exchange of words as a result of misunderstanding in a position they found themselves in one class and one boat but different parts of conformity.
I don’t see the reason why some Nigerian populace who have made themselves attention seekers should fuel a little candle light to an inferno just be recognized. Senator Tinubu deserves no pity or special consideration she is having from different canners just to make a little matter worst. This is not a gender issue if so she should have also known that it is morally bad for a woman to point at a man or even have an exchange of words to such magnitude. The clash or misunderstanding is not and should not be a national matter and should not even dominate the deliberations of the house whereby Nigeria have many challenges facing her.
It is important to note that if the Senate Chamber that witnessed the whole issue considers it evil they will set a panel to look at it hence there is code of conduct guiding her members. Therefore it will of benefit and good interest of every one stop an inciting statements, comments and emphasis that could trigger unimaginable development of this little crush. Let us not allow the anachronism sentiment to dominate our reasoning and politics.

By: Comr. C.C. Agubosim