Breaking News: The Man who Fired shots at Pope John Paul II wants to become a catholic Priest

Former Turkish terrorist, Ali Agca who fired series of bullets to Pope John Paul on May 13,1981 in Vatican city wants to become a catholic priest if
the current Pope Francis can welcome him in the fold. 
i just learnt now from that: 
“Here in Turkey, I live as a pensioner, who wasting my time. So I want to make an appeal to Pope Francis: welcome me into the Vatican and I will become a priest.” Ağca said.
"After John Paul II visited me in prison, I thought about it, and I studied the Gospel at length. I know the sacred books better than many others. If the pope welcomes me, I’ll be a priest and I will celebrate Mass, if he wants me!”
The 58- year old Ali Agca almost killed the saintly and harmless pope, but he was touched by the pope's act of forgiveness and apostolic pardon. The day he tried to take away the life of the pope was feast of Our Lady of Fatima, and this is one of the reasons the pope has credited his survival to our immaculate lady of Fatima. 
My thought on this is that the church should be careful with this man. He may not have finished making history- if he wants to be a priest, he can just go to monastery, live ascetic life for years, and for years pass through their formative process. It is only then that the pope can welcome him.
 Or the pope can welcome him to Vatican city under tight security details and scrutiny. I am not doubting his intention, but then the human mind is full of mysteries. Besides, this man has made lots of controversial statements in the past, including penning a letter to the pope claiming the world will soon come to an end. Another one was when he claimed he is the Christ.
Anyway, i know most catholic social teachers, moral theologians, philosophers, and analysts can handle the situation perfectly.