Top 10 Reasons People Love Shopify


Shopify is simply a web application that gives you the privilege of creating your own online shop in an easy and convenient way. Shopify has a lot of templates that can be customised so as
to meet with your branding requirements.

With this system, it is possible to market your physical or digital products online. If you are familiar with CSS and HTML, you will see that shopify gives you the opportunity to edit your templates. In this case, you will now have a total control over the design of the template.

Shopify is already a hosted solution. So, users don’t have to install any software or buy any web hosting. Shopify stated in their website, that they are hosting about 200,000 stores presently.

1.      Shopify is easy to use and convenient

Users are happy with shopify because it is easy to use. It takes care of all the web hosting and coding issues you will experience in your ecommerce site. This means that users don’t need any technical expertise to launch their online store- all they simply need is just inventory. Entrepreneurs can easily focus on their businesses, not on shopping cart management, bolts and technical nuts of the website.

To enable you get the most of your shopping cart, shopify will provide you with a collection of guides, and shopping manual. The manual is very comprehensive- it will guide you all through the process of database management and information capture, payment, shipping, use of discounts etc.

2.      Shopify is hosted

With this system, there is no point trying to install any software on your server or computer, because your shopping cart is already hosted by shopify. Shopify takes care of all the website logistics like hosting, payment gateway and management.

Also, you don’t have to update any software, maintain any server, or pay for any hosting cost. The fact that shopify is hosted is already a relieve of stress.

Shopify cost about $30-180 monthly- this depends on the number of products you wish to support as well as all the features you would like to include. Shopify is easier and cheaper to use, simply because it is hosted, you don’t need to rent managed HTTP server or dual-processor.

3.      Shopify is reliable

If you are not convinced by the low cost of shopify plus its self-hosted solution, then you really need to consider its major benefits, which is reliability.

If your server is down, it makes it impossible for people to buy your products. Google and Amazon say that if there are page load delays even for a second, it will result to significant loss of revenue. If such happens, impatient web-users will be unhappy.

Shopify is not immune to all kinds of downtime and lag. Shopify’s technical staff will handle all kinds of upgrades and mundane server maintenance- this will make your shopping cart to be loading quickly. Should any problem arise, there are dedicated professionals who will fix the emergency problems within the shortest possible time.

4.      Some fortune 500 companies are using this platform
Some of their clients are really attesting to their reliability. Shopify has all the skills that will keep your business on the right track. The following companies are beneficiaries of shopify’ services: encyclopaedia Britannica, CrossFit, GitHub, Foo Fighters, Tesla Motors and some 5000 more.

5.      Customizable design

It is important to remark here that shopify is indeed highly customizable. It includes customizable options, a number of templates. Shopify maintains that no CSS or HTML is off limits. Your ethos and brands must excellently feature in your design.

6.      Shopify’s app store

Just like many successful products in the tech marketplace. Shopify has series of experts and community of designers that have developed amazing apps, which you can perfectly add to your ecommerce package. Experience of its workforce has placed shopify ahead of its competitors.

With the help of shopify, shoppers can leave 100% customer ratings and feedback on your site. You can also customize the categories interface and inventory. This will make it easy for you to manage the way your inventory is being displayed.

It allows for better descriptions and customizations- this will make your customers to really get what they want. The overall aim of shopify is to enable you run your businesses in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

7.      Shopify platform has produced some millionaires
Recently, the company reported that they have made gross earnings of over $10 billion. It has smartly turned so many online merchants into multi-millionaires within a short time frame. Some of their success stories are found online.

8.      Shopify suggest what to sell

If you are confused of what to sell, shopify can really suggest that to you. Shopify is a smart company- they usually alert their users via their blogs on the current trends from physical or digital products, which their users can sell and generate lots of money.

9.      Amazing custom design to select from shopify

Having a beautiful web design will play unique roles in your online sales and marketing. Apart from enhancing the value of your products, it will make your site to look great and seem more trustworthy.

There are thousands of awesome template designs which you can choose from. No matter the products you are selling, you will see a template that will be suitable for it.

10.  Guarantees affordable price plan

Shopify makes it pretty easy for you to set up an online store. However, you will need to select any of the paid plans after the 14 day free trial. You are expected to do a comprehensive examination of shopify’s pricing details, so that you can choose a suitable plan for you.

The price plan depends mainly on your level of business. There are options for a beginner user and advanced shopify users. The price for a beginner user is $29. The good news here is that there are amazing price plan for you at every step of the way.

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh