Peter Obi Donates I million naira to Bigard Seminary Enugu, Nigeria

I am an alumnus of this great citadel of learning. Bigard is number one seminary in West Africa. This is an academic/ formative institution that has trained many religious and secular
leaders for more than 8 decades now. I am Proud to be associated with this institution.

 I will still find time to share my experiences later. Meanwhile, i just came across the information online that the ex former of Anambra State, Peter Obi, who incidentally is a catholic and has Rev Fr and Rev Sr as immediate siblings paid a courtesy visit to the Nursery and Primary school arm of the institution.

for those that are not familiar with the school, the nursery and primary school is directly opposite the Attakwu field inside the great institution, and he made a whopping donation of 1 million naira to help in rebuilding the infrastructure.

His personal assistant Valentine Obienyem has the details:

Back to BIGARD
On arrival at the Enugu Airport from Lagos. Mr. Peter Obi went stright to Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu, one of the greatest formation centres in Nigeria.
The last time he visited the school, his attention was brought to the primary school attached to the school- Bigard memorial seminary primary school. He promised to come back and assist them.
He presented a cheque of 1million Naira to them to help in the upgrade of their infrastructure.
As we entered Bigard, characteristics of seminaries everywhere, you would hardly notice that students are in session. But the fact is that Bigard and seminaries remain the only true place philosophy and theology are properly taught. I said this because, from experience, graduates of philosophy in other institutions are anything but philosophers.
In terms of morals, though we cannot wish away vices that naturally accompany those growing up, but the Seminary will chisel you out in a manner that one, except few exceptions, does not remain becalmed in those vices.

In the seminary, you will face daily drenched of atoms and voids, the differences between the unseen real and the unreal seen - everything even if with an overdose of Thomism or the tendency to burn philosophers like Satre in the cauldron of their thoughts.
Thinking about intellectual formation in the seminary, all I can tell you is that an average priests can compete with the best anywhere. This reminds me of the dull Bishop of Seville (Spain), who, upon observing how the rope for bringing out water gradually burrowed into the attached stone through constant usage, realized that he could overcome his dullness through constant practice. St Isidore of Seville ended up being one of the most learned men in history. Likewise, even if you enter the seminary as a dull student, by the time the institution is done with you, you may likely become another Isidore.
Just leaving Bigard now ...'
This is Bigard, Feel at Home!