Nominated Board Member to IIGL

Hi dear readers and friends, it is my pleasure to inform you that i have been nominated as a board member to The International Institute for Global Leadership, USA this day June 11th, 2016. It is
an NGO that trains leaders all over the world, especially in the developing countries of the world.

I joined this institution in 2012 as a student, and am currently in level six studies, and would be graduating in a couple of months. I have been sharing my experience on leadership and entrepreneurship through some of the conferences i have attended, social media and via this blog too.

I thank immensely to Felix Iziomoh for nominating me.

It is with a heart full of great joy that i receive the news of the appointment, and i hereby declare myself as a servant to the IIGL. I will carry out my work with dedication and utmost honesty so Help me God.

If you are passionate about leadership, and/ or searching for an institution to hone your skills, kindly join us. I am promising you that it would be an experience you will never forget in a hurry.

Best Regards!