#Travel Guide: 10 Fascinating Places to Visit in Australia

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
There are so many unique places to visit in Australia. Australia is a country that offers a wide range of cultures and nature. Every aspect of this country and continent is magnificent and truly fascinating. From the islands, to the mainland, desert areas and even to the urban places are all filled with unique sites to visit. By my own assessments, here are top 10 tourist attraction destinations in Australia
Sydney is the most densely populated and biggest city in Australia. Sydney opera house is an interesting tourist location. It was designed by the popular architect John Utzon. Tourists from virtually all part of the world come here to see both the front and back of the house. Other tourist destinations in Sydney are Harbour cruises, the marine aquarium, Hunter Valley wineries, Jenolan caves and many more.
This is a beautiful city with lots of attractions ranging from aquatic fun, wildlife, aboriginal culture and lots of other adventures. Some of the attractions here include Perth zoo, Stirling gardens, the Perth mint, the Art gallery of Western Australia, Lake Monger, Cultural centre, concert Hall.
Are you tired of fast urban life? Then Tasmania is a place you can go and spend quality time with your family and loved ones. For many people, it is a perfect place for holiday. Some of the reasons why people come here are varied ranging from spectacular beaches, Tasmanian history and culture, lagoons and mountainous regions. Tasmania is perfectly known due to its beauty and wild life.
Fraser Island
This is the world’s largest natural treasure or Sand Island. You will see a wide range of species like dingos, wild dogs and beaches that looks like safe haven. For many people all over the world, Fraser Island is a popular tourist destination.
Kakadu National Park
This is known as one of the heritage sites in the world. It is a home to more than 500 aborigines, native plants and wild life.
This is one of the world’s natural wonders, and biggest monolith rock. It would be a pleasure to visit this site.
It is known as the biggest coral reef in the world, and it cuts across 800 million acres. You will have the opportunity to see and observe some of the world’s rarest sea organisms here.
Kangaroo Island
This is a very peaceful and small island. Here, you will have the opportunity of seeing goannas, wallabies, kangaroos, dolphins, penguins, sea lions, whales, eagles and ospreys at a closer range.
Adelaide is one of those cities that are well-planned in Australia. Many tourists are coming here from virtually all parts of the world during in almost all holiday seasons. There are many attractions that can occupy your minds and hearts here. Adelaide has an interesting nightlife, national parks, wine regions and reserves.
Jamison Valley
Jamison valley has a lot to offer to you. It is popularly known due to its amazing cable car tour. The valley attracts thousands of tourists annually.
From my research about Australia so far, these places really captivated me, that is why I wrote about them, so that you can enjoy. If you feel inspired, share with your friends!