Top rated 8 Signs You really need a Break from the Relationship

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
It is often harder to take a break from a relationship than breaking up. Sometimes, you find it extremely difficult to explain to your partner why you need a break, and that he/ she should give you some time off. Sometimes, they feel that you may never come back.10 Exciting ways Ladies can Turn Guys On
From experience, I discovered that about 25% of people who actually took a break from
their previous relationship never returned, they just walked away forever. Although, taking a break from a staggering relationship might sound difficult, but for most people, it is a better alternative or the first step towards breaking up. Psychologically, if you take a break from a relationship- you will gradually reduce the closeness with each other, after some time the memory might be weak, and you can now from there. To me, it is better than just walking away from the blues.
Here are top rated 10 signs that show you need a time out from that relationship right now:
Poor or lack of communication- poor communication is an indication that the relationship is not working. If you are in a relationship, and your partner only needs you in bed, you are just a victim. Every relationship needs constant communication to survive the test of time.
You don’t spend quality time together- I recently handled an issue where the girl is always worried that the guy hardly spends quality time with her. The guy arrogantly responded, why do you always disturb me about spending time with you? I only call you when I need your attention. It was a very big issue.
Well, relationship doesn’t work that way. There must be an interest, there must be an ambition- ambition plays a great role in the building and/ or molding of a relationship. If the other party is not interested in spending time with you, then you need to retrace your steps, because you might be with the wrong person.
Regular fights / arguments- If your relationship is the one that is always characterized with regular fights, hotly debated arguments, bullying and so on. Then, taking a little to think about the relationship might be a good option.
Lack of physical intimacy- I have found it hard to believe that true relationship exists without physical intimacy. Based on my research over the years, 80% of people who says they love their partners, but don’t want any form of physical intimacy with the so-called beloved, often don’t mean what they say.
If it is more than two months you had physical intimacy with your partner, and both of you are always seen together, yet nothing happens. I doubt if one party truly loves. The only exception to this is long distance relationship. Physical intimacy is unavoidable, even when you don’t really desire it. Once you are with your loved one, you will be consumed in the island of emotion.
You want to run away
There are times you will be frustrated in a relationship to the extent that the only option that crosses your mind is to flee from that relationship. This might be a perfect time to rethink.
Your date constantly avoids you
If the relationship has reached the point that your supposed lover is now looking for avenues to avoid you, my dear take a little break and evaluate things. Don’t be carried away by the love you have for him or her. If the love is not reciprocal, it won’t work. If you press further, you may regret it later because you will always be a victim.
You are wearied down
You need a break from that relationship if you are burnout. Spending time together without occasional fun activities can make the whole stuff boring and monotonous. Taking a little break can bring in breath of fresh air into the relationship.
You are attracted to other people
Most times, the best way to know that the other relationship was not meant for you is when you realize that you are more attracted to other people than the one you are currently dating. To avoid cheating, you can take a break and evaluate things and then make a choice. Sometimes, when you leave your comfort zone, you will discover more amazing things that will spice your life.


I really appreciate the first one (Poor or lack of communication), this is a very big problem in most celebrities marriage.
The minute this is achieved and it is continuous.. I bet you, the relationship will last.

Well Done Mr. Ethelbert.

You are welcome dear big bros! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thought too.