10 Exciting ways Ladies can Turn Guys On

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
There are so many things men want, but may not tell you. Some of them just want you to figure it out yourself, instead of telling you. Some men are even shy to talk about it. I am going to tell you just 10 things you can do to turn him on or make him sexually addicted to you.
Do you know you can get him sexually attracted to the extent that he can grab you from the door when he return from work, take you right inside the bedroom and start work. Yes, it is possible, so
start working on him right now.
Caress & send him cute suggestive position photos
When he is about to go to work, give him a quiet-seductive caress and whisper to his ear that you will be right there waiting for him at the close of work. When he is at work, distract him a little, especially when you feel he might be off from the office or when he is taking a brief break. Send him one or two suggestive positions of you, and ask him to make a choice, the one that will be suitable for him when he is back.
This will keep him on the thinking mood, he will be thinking about you during his free time or on his way back home, this action will already keep him on the mood for sex. However, if you decide to take the picture or text route, ensure that he is always with his phone. It is wrong for him boss or secretary or colleague seeing your private photos or texts.
Give him a memorable surprise at the door
Can you remember the last time you undress before him? If you are a working class also, try and make you reach home ahead of him,  this will give you time to wait for him at the door, kiss and caress him a little while at the same time ask him how was office today.
While he is still answering, tell him what he will like to take, quickly go and prepare the food, feed him by yourself, pet him very well, because he is your first son. Hold him on the hand, and take him to the bathroom, watch him seductively as he takes his bath.
At this point, you have already put him in the mood, then hold him by your hand, take him to the bedroom or couch in the parlor, and quietly undress before him, while at the same time looking straight to his eyes. He will grab you like never before and gently give you a hot sex.
Send him a list of things that turn you on
When you are free or bored in your office waiting for a client to call. Send him a text detailing him list of things that can turn you on in the bed. Just use your imagination, and tell him things he did you loved so much, and things you will like him to do when next you guys meet. He will be exceedingly happy to read your SMS.
Perform a striptease
When was the last time you perform a striptease before your man? Flaunt your perfect body before him, and warn him never to touch, maintain your ground till he begs for it.
Act like a slut around him
Bring out the little bad girl in you, and pretend to be like a slut on stage. Put him on a couch, put on some music and gently and seductively dance around him, while at the same time removing your cloth one step at a time.
Randomly run your fingerprints around different parts of his body. You can bind his both hands behind his back. The mere fact that he can touch, and that the only option left for him would be to pull you very close to him, will surely drive him wild. In fact, you can’t believe how he will feel.
Get sweaty
Some men are put in the mood when they see their lover doing simple physical exercises like swimming. Seeing you nude will quickly put him in the mood.
Put on a sensuous perfume
There are some feminine perfumes that are seductively. In fact, over 40% of men get turned on if you apply such perfumes. Discover such perfumes, and apply it occasionally when you really want him to succumb to sexy foreplay.
Watch pornographic movies with him
If you are living with a man that can’t easily get turned on. Then, this may work for you beyond your imagination. If you are among those that dislike seeing their men watch pornography, then you can put him in the mood by watching it with him. Generally, men like visuals. They want to see sex on the screen. They want to see girls perform, and most times they want you to act like the girl in the camera.
You can light his fire, by watching the porn with him. Try to act like the girl you see on the screen, while he tries to mimic the guy on the screen also. Don’t you think that this will take him wild?
Touch his favorite spots
Try touching some of his intimate spots like back of the knee, ears, nose, face, mouth softly to name a few. While touching some of these sensitive parts, you will see him getting turned on with this sensuous touch.
Take naked pictures
Use your phone to capture some of your naked pictures and show him. Delete the photos later when he gets turned on by them.

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