Top 5 Personality Traits of Great Leaders

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
It is the dream of most leaders to do great things. There are so many traits that go into the leadership mix namely clarity, confidence, organizational abilities, courage, and effective communication. Every great leader must have each of these qualities.
You are not qualified to be called a great leader
if any of them is lacking. For you to be a truly great leader, you need these personality enhancing habits. Unfortunately, most leaders don’t succeed because they overlooked these traits.
1.      Great leaders become the best version of themselves
Great leaders lead themselves first; they have unflinching passion for excellence. They struggle every time to do their best in all situations.
 They are not interested in acquiring titles, gainful recognitions or positions. Great leaders are interested in leaving an enduring memory to every person they come across with. 
They can never imagine themselves living an uninspiring life. This is what truly brings about greatness in them. They become the best version of themselves by living with deep conviction. This type of lifestyle has its own reward. Their courageous and inspiring lifestyle spread throughout their organization without much noise of words.
2.      Great leaders are very honest
Honesty is a lifestyle evidenced in the life of great people- they don’t joke with it.  All their actions in their organization are motivated by honest evaluation.

Great leaders understand that every freedom goes with responsibility and just like Jean-Jacque Rousseau said, Man is born free and yet everywhere he is in chains. Gracious honesty is a distinguishing mark of a great leader.

3.      Great Leaders don’t take failure personally
Failure is an aspect of life; it is a learning process. They know that failure is part of their learning process- they learn from it. They don’t allow failure to define them. Real failure is good for success. I have always believed that there are no failures, but there are quitters. You can fail in a particular venture, but don’t allow it to be a defining factor to your progress.

4.      Great leaders build People
They give their best time, talent and treasure in building bridges, not walls. A great leader inspires his / her team to perform at an optimal level. Any leader, who is not ready to empower his generation is not fit to be called a leader. A great leader speaks graciously and candidly with their team members and helps them to strategize and live a purpose-driven lifestyle.
5.      They turn their greatest adversities to greatest advantages

When a great leader leads with dedication, honesty, courageous and sincerity of purpose, they will inspire their teams to turn their greatest obstacles to their greatest strengths.

They have the ability to inspire you to action from making an average impact to a truly great impact and also develop solid personal habits.

Which of the five habits do you admire a lot? Which one do you think is most overlooked these days?

Leadership starts from you, then you lead your team, business or organization. These leadership lessons can be applied profitably in our roles as parents. True leadership changes the way we think, it changes our actions.  A great leader is an absolute game changer.